Kate Dillon Gallery One

“I weigh myself every week to make sure I’m not losing any weight. I love my body.”
-Kate Dillon

Although two very fine Web tributes devoted to Miss Dillon already exist (links to both of which I provide on my Related Links page), one of life’s most vital principles is that one can never, ever have too much of a good thing. Therefore, I have created two Kate Dillon galleries of my own, featuring a selection of her loveliest images—even several that can be found nowhere else on the Web.

'Elemental Kate' 'Elemental Kate' Kate Dillon 3 Kate Dillon 4 Kate Dillon 5 Kate Dillon 6 Kate Dillon 7
Kate Dillon 8 Please take note of Kate Dillon's dress size, as listed in this Avenue ad from April, 1998. Kate Dillon 10 Kate Dillon 11 Kate Dillon 12 Kate Dillon 13

Kate Dillon Gallery Two

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French Vogue layout

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