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This site is a humble tribute for one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Liis Windischmann is a world-famous plus-size model represented by the Ford 12+ agency in Toronto and L.A., Click in New York, and Plus Beauty in Miami. (Liis fans will certainly wish to view her Ford 12+ e-composite card, and 30-second video clip.)

Canadian visitors will know Liis from her countless appearances in advertising campaigns for many clothing retailers. American visitors may recognize her as the cover model of the September 1998 issue of MODE magazine.

Beyond the fourteen galleries of Liis’s images that you will find here, the most significant features of this site are the Judgment of Paris Survey and Timeless Beauty pages, both of which situate Liis’s remarkable beauty within a literary, artistic, and historical framework. Anyone who is curious about how the voting on the former site is progressing can find out at No Second Troy.

Liis also has an official Web site that fans can view here. It features a fine array of images, and a particularly fascinating page on which the model shares some of her “favourite things.”

It has been our privilege to receive a steady stream of thoughtful and intelligent responses to this Web project from hundreds of perceptive visitors. The Your Comments page exhibits a selection of this valuable feedback, along with links to countless images of feminine beauty that can be accessed from nowhere else on this site.

Visitors with a special fondness for the defunct MODE magazine may be drawn to The Lydian MODE, a collection of MODE bulletin-board messages penned by a regular contributor to the magazine’s forum. These messages are all quite lively, and their author never fails to affirm plus-size beauty. No less interesting are some of the remarkable news stories that I have posted on the News Plus page, many of which demonstrate the fallacy of commom perceptions about weight and beauty.

“Plus ça change…” celebrates artists and entrepreneurs who are spearheading our culture’s aesthetic restoration through the power of beautiful images. And visitors looking for Web sites devoted to other plus-size models can find a generous selection on the links page.

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