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“I’d like to buy a little villa in Italy and write all day, with lots of sweet babies running around and a divine husband.”
-Sophie Dahl

The “Unofficial Sophie Dahl Pages” (see our links page for the URL) were the first amateur Internet shrine ever created for a plus-size model, and inspired many similar Web projects. However, updates to that groundbreaking site have become quite irregular as of late, so we offer this selection of hitherto-unavailable Sophie Dahl images (including some of her recent American appearances) as a supplement.

Sophie Dahl 1 A fashion-show appearance from 1997, when Sophie was at the very pinnacle of her beauty. April 2000 cover for Italian Vogue Controversial June 2000 cover for British Marie Claire Sophie Dahl 5 Sophie Dahl 6 Sophie Dahl 7 Sophie Dahl 8
Versace Jeans ad, inspired by the film 'Leaving Las Vegas' Versace Jeans ad, inspired by the film 'Leaving Las Vegas' Sophie Dahl 11 Sophie Dahl 12 Enlarged image rotated 90° counter-clockwise. Sophie Dahl 14

Timeless Beauty

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