View Full Version : 2004: October - December

  1. Men: A Matter of Honour
  2. Figure magazine: Still a worm in the apple
  3. Christina Schmidt: Degrassi Season One
  4. Crystal Renn: Softness
  5. ''Hard and flat''?
  6. Softness: The Feminine Ideal
  7. Kate Dillon on America's Next Top Model
  8. Femininity in 1850 and 2005
  9. New at the Judgment of Paris: Christina Schmidt
  10. Anita Ekberg modelling for Torrid? (Charlotte Coyle)
  11. The Center for Consumer Freedom
  12. All curves are beautiful
  13. ''Goddess is no waif''
  14. From out of the past...
  15. ''Aristocratic chic''
  16. A fine Figure (Winter 2004 issue)
  17. Charlotte Coyle is the ''Torrid girl''
  18. Kati Kochanski: What shall it Proffitt...?
  19. Sixth Anniversary: The New Femininity
  20. Spring campaign by John William Godward?
  21. ''She had ribbons in her hair''
  22. The Victory of Curves
  23. The Phantom; the wraith