View Full Version : Picnic with Melissa Masi

1st April 2007, 05:30
Its been a while since an image of Melissa Masi was posted here. She was so popular as a size 16, but lost a lot of fan enthusiasm as she became a size 14. But this new image, from the cover of the plussize landing page at Old Navy, is one of Melissas best images in a long time.

Perhaps its just the attrative pose, but her figure looks softer and curvier here than in some of her recent campaigns. The lounging pose is always an attractive one - for Melissa, and for all plussize models. And I adore the picnic theme. Its a studio shot, to be sure, and would have looked even more wonderful in an actual idyllic garden/rustic setting, but it still gives a great feeling of relaxation and pleasure.


(A nice detail: I love the fact that Old Navy actually put some food in the image.)

The top is very flattering on a curvy figure.