View Full Version : Melissa King in Curvation

4th April 2007, 06:37
Like many readers of this forum, I try to remain on the lookout for gorgeous, size-positive images to share, and I've found a few gems at the shopping site of Curvation, which is Queen Latifah's clothing line.

Here's Melissa King looking very curvy in a perfectly-fitted wrap top, and a snug skirt. Women's bodies are often classified into hourglass, pear, or apple, but the shapeliest plus-size models have all three qualities: the buxom features of an hourglass silhouette, the full waist of an apple figure, and the generous hips of pear-shaped beauty. Melissa (like Barbara, and so many of the most popular models) benefits from having all three aspects of feminine curves -- and everything looks wonderful on her, as a result.


Melissa has full, shapely legs, too.

Here's another lovely image of Melissa, in a Bohemian blouse which embraces her figure, beautifully showing off her curvy waist.


Bravo to Curvation from presenting such curve-adoring, womanly images...