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4th April 2007, 19:34
<br>If you blinked, you probably missed it, but Kailee O'Sullivan was mentioned on <i>Entertainment Tonight</i> yesterday, as part of a report about the forthcoming "shape" issue of <i>Glamour</i> magazine.

We have spliced the two <i>ET</i> clips featuring Kailee into one (regrettably brief) video, linked below.

What makes this brief video so significant is that it displays Kailee's exciting <i>Glamour</I> tear sheet, and this may well be the most size-positive and beautiful image that this magazine has ever produced.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/cap036.jpg"></center><p><i>Glamour</i> previously exhibited Crystal Renn in a somewhat similar manner, but Kailee's image is far more daring and attractive. In colour rather than black and white, it celebrates the model's fair skin tone. Miss O'Sullivan also has the more feminine figure--softer and fuller, making this image even more of a departure from the cadaverous tanorexic standard of today, and more wholeheartedly a revival of timeless beauty. It proudly celebrates <i>all</i> of Miss O'Sullivan's feminine curves--especially her naturally curvy waist.

Note the affirmative cut lines that <i>Glamour</i> has added to the actual page: <i>"She's voluptuous and proud"</I> (as she emphatically deserves to be), along with what is presumably a quotation from Kailee herself: <i>"I don't care what the scale says"</I> (and why should she?).<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/cap009.jpg"></center><p>Kudos also to <i>ET</I> for leading in to this piece with the bold caption, <i>"Plus-Size Models,"</I> to demonstrate to viewers that <i>this</I> sexy image represents what full-figured goddesses actually look like, not the matronly caricatures that the media routinely exhibits.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ko/cap018.jpg"></center><p>Mind you, this is <i>Glamour</i>--a mass-media publication--so the issue in which this tear sheet will appear is sure to be suffused with mixed messages. Note even the difference between the image in the first screen capture and the next two, which reveals a discrepancy between Kailee's original photograph and the magazine's final page. In the latter, she (sadly) seems to have been coated in a darker skin tone. Even in the original image, her face, which is naturally gorgeously round, appears more oval than usual--suggesting a horizontal compression (narrowing) of the photograph. If the latter is true, how sad that <i>Glamour</i> would do such a thing, considering the purpotedly size-positive context of the page.

Nevertheless, this is still the most Classically beautiful, anti-modern image of femininity <i>Glamour</I> has yet produced, and hopefully, many young girls of Kailee's age will adopt the same sense of freedom and comfort with their full figures that word/image combination presents.

- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fH6I-9cXrQ&fmt=18" target="_blank">Click here to watch Kailee's brief ET video</a>

7th April 2007, 05:57
It is an incredibly gorgeous image- and truly daring for Glamour, not just because it's sensual (although it very much is), but because it confounds every anti-plus, curve-resenting "rule" created the by androgyny-worshipping modern media (of which both the magazine, and ET, is a part).

I'm torn about the fact that it's in Glamour, though. The good news is that this means it will be seen by a vast audience. The bad news is that it will be surrounded by pages and pages of contrary images, diet ads, and other mixed messages that will undermine its subversive power. I almost wish readers would buy the magazine, remove this gorgeous page and keep it, and dispense with the rest of the magazine.

It if were in Figure (or better yet, the original Mode), its positive effect would be complete and unchallenged.

I hope this opens the door to future successes for Kailee. Her beauty is truly enchanting, and based on those quotations, she is very comfortable with her naturally soft figure- as well she should be.

As for whether the image was altered, I'll wait to see the actual magazine. Perhaps it's just the TV camera that distorted it, and the actual page will show Kailee in all her fair glory.

7th April 2007, 19:53
I have never seen a body portraited so gorgeously. This is what we curvy girls need to see. This is true identification. This is what we look like when we sit like that. And we so much have to learn that it is beautiful, not "flawed."

When will the magazine be out in stores? I have to have it!

And I do hope we will have it in Sweden. Cause otherwise I don't know what I will do.