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16th April 2007, 03:24
I really adore the campaigns of French retailer Julie Envy (www.julieenvy.com). They consistently use gorgeous, genuinely full-figured plus-size models in their ads, and they allow them to look authentically curvy in their photographs.

Vanessa Blareau was the star of the company's fall/winter campaign, but for spring/summer, I really admire their new find, a model named Geri Avril.


She's very cute- and very curvy, with round facial features and a shapely figure. What a challenge she must be to the anorexic look that defines "Paris fashion" to the world.


Of her various beautiful images, I especially like this one, showing her with a fruity drink in her hand- relaxing like a gorgeous supermodel, but a beautifully curvy one, not a waif.


In French, the name of the campaign in which she appears is Gourmandise,- which, as far as I can tell, means something similar in French to what it means in English: "Indulge (in food)," or as a noun, "Indulgence." I think it's so liberating for this company to be adopting this daring phrase as their slogan- and illustrating it with such lovely image of a voluptuous model, who embodies the idea perfectly.


And it gets even better. Geri's stats are given as a very womanly 48-41-47.

More exciting yet, her height is 1.66 m, or...(wait for it)...

5'5 (!).

No wonder she displays such luscious curves in her photos.


I really like some of the styles she models, too. They seem more youthful and sexy than most European plus-size fashion, and accentuate and emphasize curves, rather than diminishing them.


I love all the v-necks and ruching; and even here, this teen-ish outfit benefits from the pretty accessry of the hair clip.


Julie Envy may be as close to Torrid as they have in France. I'm so happy that they're using such a legitimately curvaceous model.

For those who can read French, there's also a brief profile of the model, here:


And let me leave off with a photo showing the model's cute facial features. It's cropped in a funny way, but you can see the soft roundness of her visage.


16th April 2007, 11:34
For those of us on the petite end of height chart, the news that Geri is 5'5" is terrific. Finally! I've been waiting a long time to see a model in a campaign who is closer to my height, to whom I could relate and realize, yes, this is how hip, trendy clothing can look on a normal figure.

Also, Julie Envy's clothing is definitely severaly notches above the usual clothing for plus-size women sold in Europe. Let's hope that plus-size designs are yet another area in fashion in which Paris can claim to be the trendsetter.

17th April 2007, 08:45
And it gets even better. Geri's stats are given as a very womanly 48-41-47.

More exciting yet, her height is 1.66 m, or...(wait for it)...

5'5 (!).

No wonder she displays such luscious curves in her photos.
It's so encouraging to see a youthful, pretty, and truly full-figured model in an international campaign. Fashion aside, American plus-size companies could <i>already</i> learn a great deal from this Parisian retailer . . . about <i>casting.</i> At her size and height, Mademoiselle Avril has the <i>ideal</i> proportions of a plus-size model, and U.S. campaigns would benefit greatly from featuring models who are similarly curvy--and gorgeous.

Visitors who possess at least a smattering of French might also enjoy reading the full-length interview with Mlle Avril, which appears at the link posted below. We hope to see more of this voluptuous model--and more models with similarly woman proportions--in the near future.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/geri01.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.julieenvy.com/detailMannequin-23.html" target="_blank">Click here to read the interview with Geri Avril</a>