View Full Version : Hayley Hasselhoff swimwear cover (Torrid)

16th April 2007, 06:29
I really like the new Torrid cover page, with Hayley Hasselhoff in swimwear. I still wish that she were fuller-figured, but she does look a little bit curvier here than in some images - and she does have beautiful legs. Her figure is more of the natural, soft kind, like Christina, Kelsey, and Kailee have (rather than an awful "toned" look), and that is wonderful to see - and a positive image for the young girls who are Torrids customers.

Because its a fragmented image, I cant link it directly, but go to the Torrid home page to view it:


I also enjoy the fact that its a lounging image. Hayley looks very relaxed and comfortable with herself, in a leisurely way. Nice pose and expression.

I wish she had shot this campaign with Christina Schmidt. What an exciting duo they would make!