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17th April 2007, 11:25
C.J. Banks just debuted its new Summer 2007 campaign. (They call it "spring," but right now, everyone is launching their summer promotions, so this falls into that category too.)

It isn't as beautiful as the Spring campaign was, but how could it be? That was the most gorgeous promotion C.J. Banks ever produced, and for the first time, they beat out both Nordstrom and Reitmans as creating the loveliest Barbara Brickner campaign of the season. (The tropical setting helped.)

Anyway, here's the new cover page. Even in a simple top, Barbara's curves are suggested:


along with some smaller pics:

http://www.cjbanks.com/images/2004quad5/emp.jpg http://www.cjbanks.com/images/2004quad5/sto.jpg

I like the campaign slogan: "Set yourself free." At a time when women are constantly pressured to restrict themselves in how much they indulge, and to imprison themselves in gym dungeons, the idea of being free from any such constraints is a really comforting and enjoyable notion. I hope many curvy women take this campaign phrase to heart, and adopt in their own lives.

Do set yourself free: "Free to be beautiful." "Free to eat." "Free to enjoy yourself." "Free to live."


M. Lopez
23rd April 2007, 02:30
I received an e-mail circular from CJBanks just the other day, featuring a larger version of that image of Barbara relaxing in such a pretty way.


It captures the spirit of that wonderful "Set yourself free" slogan (even if it doesn't indicate the lovely curves that will be enriched as a bonus). But Barbara still manages to convey a sense of ease and comfort in this image that is very appealing.


26th April 2007, 07:51
Yesterday, CJBanks delivered another lovely Barbara e-flyer:


Its a very attractive, soft-focus portrait of the model. I always prefer the CJBanks campaigns that take Barbara out into the countryside, or to a tropical paradise, where the locations match her own beauty. But nevertheless, this picture is truly beautiful.