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19th August 2005, 23:03
I know this is usually a place where people go to escape the drivel of the Hollywood publicity machine, but here's a story with a pro-plus twist.

Everybody's heard the hyper-publicized gossip about actor Jude Law's breakup with his actress wife Sienna Miller. Assuming it's not just one big publicity stunt (which it could be), the story is that the breakup resulted from Law's having an affair with the couple's nanny.

Entertainment reporters and tabloids are falling over themselves asking the usual questions: "Why?" "How could he?" and so forth.

The answer might be staring them right in the face.

Sienna Miller is, of course, yet another straight-size actress produced by the Hollywood waif factory.

But have you seen Daisy Wright, the nanny with whom he had the affair?

Here's a picture of Ms. Wright:


She has a very soft, curvy figure, and round facial features. In other words, she exhibits plus-size beauty.

Could it be that, like so many men, Jude Law was with Sienna Miller simply because she was the sort of person (i.e. skinny) his industry taught him he was supposed to find attractive? And all the time, in his heart, he longer for the timeless beauty of a fuller-figured woman - and couldn't resist falling for a curvy vixen, when he met one.

This doesn't excuse Law's philandering. But it makes it more understandable. And I think it's another case in which the natural ideal of femininine beauty won out over the artificial, modern standard.

20th August 2005, 15:27
This doesn't surprise me at all. I remember reading articles in which both Charlize Theron's boyfriend and Renee Zellweger's current husband were quoted as saying that they preferred their Charlize and Renee when they gained weight for movie parts, and that they were disappointed when they subsequently diminished themselves. And speaking of cheating, we all remember one President who cheated on a thin wife with a full-figured intern.

As studies have shown, it's the aesthetic preference shared by the majority of men, except that few ever have the courage to admit it pubilcly, or even to themselves. Hopefully, this will change in the future. The more men express their preference, the more will feel empowered to do so.

By the way, that's a gorgeous dress. I wonder where she bought it?

M. Lopez
13th September 2005, 18:11
For those who are interested, Inside Edition is running a three-part interview with Daisy Wright yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

http://www.insideedition.com (http://www.insideedition.com/)

I missed Monday's broadcast, but I saw today's segment, and Daisy is quite pretty, in a very natural, non-Hollywood way. They styled her beautifully for the interview, in a very attractive dress.

What really struck me in the interview (there's a transcript on the site) is that Law told the nanny, "There is something so delicious and perfect about you, Daisy."

Now, Law is obviously just a garden-variety cad, but I find it significant that even though he was already affianced to an actress who supposedly embodied "perfection" - i.e. by the emaciated, gaunt-looking media definition - he couldn't help but find the plus-size Daisy Wright "delicious and perfect."

14th September 2005, 01:21
<br>The supreme irony in all of this is that Jude Law is himself a poster boy for the Hollywood empire. That fact that the industry cannot even successfully brainwash one of its own into dogmatically favouring the androgynous standard over timeless femininity indicates just how hollow and artificial that media standard actually is.

To borrow a phrase, one need only kick in the door, and the whole edifice will collapse.

Based on the single image at the <i>Inside Edition</i> site, Miss Wright does appear to be quite attractive, and that lovely dress and necklace were beautiful styling choices. And kudos to the show for finding a natural landscape (perhaps a city park) in which to film her.

Law's actions may have been reprehensible, but his preference is perfectly understandable.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/daisy_wright.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/barbara9.htm">Antidote for the modern age: NEW Barbara Brickner gallery . . .</a>

14th September 2005, 20:42
I agree - it seems she has a lovely figure. I, too, am so dismayed by the fact that the media (especially in America, though I am sure in all western nations) makes it seem that the only standard of female beauty is "emaciated." I know for a fact that so many men prefer voluptuous, softer women. Today, my husband told me that he has always preferred "full-figured" (his word) women and that skinny women are very unattractive to him. Just when I've been considering whether or not to attempt another diet, it is so nice to hear things like this, especially from the one that you love! I am certain so many other men share his sentiments, but are just afraid to admit it for fear of not fitting in.