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10th May 2007, 14:06
<br>With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, it's worth noting an interesting trend among plus-size models. Presumably this just a coincidence, but of late, many well-known girls are about to experience the joys of motherhood--either for the first time, or, in the case of Barbara Brickner, a second.

Nadia Pena (lately of Dorothy Combs, Miami) has always been popular as a genuinely full-figured model (size 14/16). She <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=609" target="_blank">appeared</a> in a fine layout in <i>Figure,</i> and an acclaimed Fashion Bug ad, right at the time that her condition was announced.

Nadia wrote to us the other day to inform us that the <i>"big day is almost here,"</i> and that <i>"probably by next week, [she] would be a new mommy!"</i> We offer our sincerest congratulations.

Ms. Pena also kindly sent us several lovely "pregnancy pictures," and we thought that we would share two of them, for the sake of Nadia's many fans.

This recumbent image would actually be a stunning photograph in any circumstances, irrespective of the model's being "in a family way." What makes it so good? The warm lighting, the look of delight in the model's eyes, the natural environment (whether actually outdoors, or recreated in a studio), but most of all, the fact that it focusses on one of the model's most distinctly plus features: the soft fullness of her arms.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/nadia/pregnant02.JPG"></center><p>Nadia tells us that she hopes to return to modelling as soon as she can, and definitely in time for the Miami "season." We look forward to many more extraordinary campaigns from this popular talent, and wish her the very best for a safe delivery.

A Sunday birth (on Mother's Day itself) would be simply too perfect.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/nadia/pregnant01.jpg"></center><br>-<a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/nadia2.htm">Nadia Pena gallery </a>