View Full Version : ''Views'' counters not working -- FIXED!!

13th May 2007, 11:22
<br>This particular incarnation of the Judgment of Paris Forum is approaching its second anniversary, and we are pleased to say that it has not manifested any performance issues over the past two years.

However, it seems that the board has finally developed a small glitch. The "views" counters (which tally up the hits that every post receives, and are automatically updated once per hour), seem to be frozen.

Needless to say, Yanderis's swimwear thread has received many views (and several readers have even written in to us, enthusing over the pictures), but the counter is frozen at "1"--as all future threads will be, unless we can remedy this problem.

It will be a pity if we are unable to fix the issue. It has been a pleasure to watch the readership of this forum grow steadily, over time, and the view counters were one way of gauging the public impact of any given discussion.

Still, as problems go, it is hardly a disastrous one, and apart from this one glitch, the board seems to be functioning properly. So, onward we go . . .

Amber Cather (Wilhelmina's most gorgeous faux-plus model) at Macy's, Spring 2007:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/wilhelmina/amber01a.jpg"></center><p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/wilhelmina/amber01.jpg" target="_blank">Click here to view at a larger size</a>

14th May 2007, 13:30
<br>Miraculously, the good people at vBulletin have remedied the problem. Forum hits since last Thursday will not register, but as of today, the counters will begin updating again.

As an aside, the Webmaster would like to compliment the vBulletin service team. They are patient, helpful, and they get the job done. This forum has served the plus community well over the past two years, and (Fate willing) will continue to serve it well for the foreseeable future.