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M. Lopez
13th May 2007, 18:12
Barbara Brickner fans, always on the lookout for new exhibitions of their idol's images, will enjoy seeing her new online portfolio at Giovanni Models, a Canadian agency:


Many of the images are familiar, and some have been scanned better, but one photo that I don't think I've ever seen before - certainly not at this size - is this one, from her famous New York test:


What makes it so effective is the angle, which compels the viewer to look up at the goddess. Also, although I'm not a fan of career wear, Barbara wears this ensemble in an exciting way. It's like her swelling curves are trying to give shape to this flat apparel, escaping the confines of the jacket, and rounding out the flat surfaces of the skirt. The low-cut top that she wears under the jacket suggests luscious femininity merely temporarily covered up in modern garb. The fullness of her figure is what makes the outfit attractive.

If a goddess must dress in androgynous style, then this image shows how she can do so, and still look like a woman. The image is almost symbolic of how modernity cannot truly eradicate timeless feminine beauty.

29th June 2007, 08:42
From a suit to something much sexier, here is Barbara in a strapless, sleeveless dress at Nordstrom.


The smaller view shows how effectively her curves fill out the dress, giving it an attractive, womanly shape,


while the larger view reveals the details, like the rose pin at the waist and the embroidery, which make it so very pretty.


Dresses like these are made for plus-size goddesses, and any waif would need to hang her head in shame in the presence of a full-figured temptress in such a style.

Once again, Barbara proves that no one can model a dress the way she can...