View Full Version : Kelsey: Summer at Torrid

M. Lopez
4th July 2007, 20:20
I've so nice to see Kelsey make a triumphant return to the online Torrid catalogue. Fans can see her in a dress that one can appreciate for the wonderfully abbreviated length:


as well as in two new tops. Note how the makeup is designed to compliment this vibrant green color:


and here's one that I would like, but without the belt:


Kelsey is in fine form, as always. It will be a pleasure to see more images from this latest shoot, as they are unveiled.

10th July 2007, 07:54
Don't miss the new profile images of Kelsey in the Accessories section. She's modelling a pair of lovely rose hair bows, and although real flowers are the nicest thing in the world for tying back hair, these substitute nicely in situations where a real flower just wouldn't be practical.

Here is the red rose bow, presented in a really stunning picture of Kelsey, one that reminds me of a marble bust:


And here is the black rose:


The profiles are really gorgeous images of Kelsey in their own right, showing off her fair, flawless complexion, and soft neck and shoulders. No matter how often I see her images, her beauty takes my breath away every time.

13th July 2007, 07:41
Also, dont miss Kelsey in this empire-waist top:


The item description says "fuchsia," but I see it as red. Anyway, I love Kelseys hairstyle in this picture, flowing over her shoulders in such a pretty way.

19th July 2007, 12:45
I also found Kelsey modelling sexy camisoles, in chocolate:


and in burgundy:


In the clearance section, there's also a picture of Kelsey modelling this cami, and I think she looks most beautiful here, although I would go with a different hair scarf: