View Full Version : True curves - Lane Bryant, Penningtons

2nd August 2007, 21:36
Its rare to see images of true plussize models in ad campaigns, so when such images do come along, its very important to celebrate them.

Maiysha from Ford has recently gone the self-diminishment route (tragically so), but before she did, she created this amazing shot for Lane Bryant (just released in a e-flyer yesterday) which really shows off her full-figured she was - for a short, wonderful while:


Everything about Maiysha looks plus in this image - her rounded arms, her full waist, her generous hips and legs that fill out her jeans so well. She never looked better. Its been a while since LB produced a really size-positive image like this, and its great to see. I wish they would take this approach in their advertising more often.

Also, yesterday Penningtons put out its new Fall campaign, once again featuring their very curvaceous model, Terra, who is on the left, in white, in this image:


Terra is perhaps the most womanly model who reguarly appears in any ad campaigns (she is so much more curvaceous than the model beside her), and I have come to really admire her work. She always looks so relaxed and comfortable with herself, and now that she is wearing her hair longer, her beauty has increased considerably.

Bravo to Penningtons for featuring her. I only wish there were more and larger images of Terra at the Penningtons site.