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7th August 2007, 14:22
Entitled Clothing in Australia, who regularly features Emma Timms to headline its campaigns, has a revamped Web site online showing its fall line. It features many lovely images of Emma.

I especially love this picture of her in a strapless dress (barefoot - a sensual touch). It's size-positive too, as you can see the swell of her curvy abdomen:


The black wrap top and skirt also make up a nice ensemble. Emma looks so angelic in profile:

http://www.entitled.com.au/images/T/E-charmCU.jpg http://www.entitled.com.au/images/T/E-charm%2C%20peacock.jpg

And here are two tops, a cute pink shirt and a snugly-fitted tee. If voluptuous vixens are going to wear belts, the pink-top pic suggests a better way of wearing them- low on the hips, so they don't constrict a generous waist. And I love the fact that the tee really embraces Emma's figure, showing off her curvy midriff.

http://www.entitled.com.au/images/T/E-pinktop%20wt%20pants%20cls.jpg http://www.entitled.com.au/images/T/E-cardi%2CbluT.jpg

There are more images at the Entitled site:


Check out the slogan on the cover page: "So beautiful the world could not contain her." I love that sentiment. It suggests transgressive beauty, transgressive appetite. And of course, the name "Entitled" is marvellous, suggesting that plus-size goddesses are entitled to the best clothes, the best food, the best of everything in life.

Emma is a pretty model. I wish she were fuller figured, but she is talented and beautiful. It would be nice to see more of her in other campaigns. But bravo to Entitled for featuring her every season.

7th August 2007, 18:31
Emma is one of my favorite models. I like her face and her expressions a lot and I do like her body also. She is just 5'6" and her waist is 38". She is more curvy than it seems.

Here is her old comp card:


The waist and hips measurements are mixed up however. I emailed and asked the agency about it and they told me her waist is 97 cm (38") and her hips are 104 cm.

If you look at the pictures from fall 2006 you will see she is curvier now. And prettier. I only wished she would get all her hair blonde and skip that red tone she has under the blonde.

8th August 2007, 00:51
I especially love the blue strapless summer dress at the top. It gives room for a woman's curves to swell and fill out the material attractively and the color is flattering on nearly any skin tone.

I see the feminine trend of girly and womanly fashions has not yet abated!

21st August 2007, 13:52
Emma is one of my favorite models. I like her face and her expressions a lot and I do like her body also. She is just 5'6" and her waist is 38". She is more curvy than it seems.
Those are gorgeously curvy measurements. Emma's non-Amazonian height and generous waist, combined with her fair features, make her the most promising young full-figured model in Australia today.

Here is another pretty image of Miss Timms, in rotation on the Entitled Clothing cover page. It shows off her shapely figure, and especially her attractively full waist, in an eye-catching manner. The waist-tie gently presses against the model's soft midsection, creating a much more appealing look than if she were wearing a constricting wide waist belt. Note also the model's sensual pose and expression.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/et/entitled01.jpg"></center><p>We earnestly hope to see more of this exciting starlet in Australian plus-size fashion campaigns in the near future.