View Full Version : Karen Vermeiren - Kristina.be, AW/07

M. Lopez
13th August 2007, 23:03
It's wonderful to see the very luscious and curvy Karen Vermeiren in the new fall campaign for Belgian designer Kristina.be.


I have two or three favourites from this promotion. First, the following photograph shows off Karen's voluptuous profile - but it also hints at her most decadent feature, her curvy waist:


The apparel may be formless, but Karen's sumptuous curves actually give the pieces some shape. And this image suggests full, womanly hips:


A reverse view shows that Karen is wearing her hair longer now. It looks thick and romantic and luxurious, suiting her rich beauty.


The clothing is mind-numbingly conservative, but if you remember Kristina's offerings from last fall season (the first time they used Karen),


you'll have to admit that the new fashions are a real improvement, and a step in the right direction.

Above all, though, Kristina.be deserves applause for using a genuinely full-figured model - and a genuinely gorgeous one, too - and for enlisting a photographer who captures Karen's beauty so well.

14th August 2007, 10:31
Karen is truly exquisite. What a beauty! I would love to see her do a photoshoot that highlights her other occupation as a soprano - imagine an opera-house layout with opulent period costumes! What a great editorial that would make.