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M. Lopez
24th August 2007, 14:22
How I miss Barbara in these campaigns! I realize that her newborn needs her, but size celebration needs her too. I can't wait for her to reappear.

In the meantime, it's nice to see a pretty picture from Valerie, but her work always brings with it bittersweet associations, because it's impossible to forget how much more gorgeous she once was, at a size 14/16. Still, this ad is quite pretty:


As is this angelic image, from the CJBanks site:


I think the retun of the fuller-figured Valerie of yore remains the second-greatest wish in the heats of all plus-size-model aficionados (the greatest dream always being the return of Shannon Marie)...

11th September 2007, 23:53
She's also dazzling in this current landing-page image from Fashion Bug:


Has she regained at least some of the weight and beauty that she lost? I hope so. She's always been one of the most attractive plus-size models, but when she was at her fullest-figured, she was the most gorgeous of them all.

13th September 2007, 02:33
The Fashion Bug image that really caught my attention is this one:


It absolutely took my breath away. Valerie hasn't looked this gorgeous in years, and if I didn't know better, I would think that this picture had been taken in her heyday, when she was at her curviest.

I suppose the photographer helped by choosing a very curve-enhancing angle, but still, the photo is stunning. The sweater looks as if it can barely close around her waist. Valerie herself has a languid pose with a dreamy expression - the kind of sensual indolence that made her work a few years ago so unsurpassable.

This is the kind of luscious imagery that made her, for a time, the most popular and gorgeous plus-size model of all.


13th September 2007, 20:59
That last photograph is incredible. She looks so relaxed and comfortable with the extra weight. It's as if she finally allowed her body to regain its natural fullness, and feels good about herself with a softer figure. "Just look at how luscious I am now," she seems to be saying. Heaven knows she looks far better this way - like an angel in human form. She always had a remarkable gift for posing.

Still, the Ford site doesn't refect any actual change in measurements, so perhaps it's simply size-positive photography (and a dose of wishful thinking from her former fans). But no matter what, that's a memorable image.

27th September 2007, 16:28
The Ford site does now list her as a 14/16, but whether this is factually accurate or not is anyone's guess. It would be a dream come true if Valerie had, in fact, allowed herself to regain the well-fed figure that she exhibited in her most memorable campaigns. But until her portfolio images reflect such a change, it must still be regarded as wishful thinking. Valerie's current Dress Barn campaign (www.dressbarn.com) doesn't show off any body-embracing styles, so it's impossible to be sure.

But if that dreamy blue picture were to represent her current look, she would once again be one of the most gorgeous women in the world, as she formerly was. It's even a pretty sweater, with the lace trim, and the ribbon-like waist tie -- perfectly suited to a softer, more feminine appearance.

1st October 2007, 15:57
Fashion Bug has just revamped their site, and it features another view of Valerie in that sweater. This picture is not as exciting as the top one, but it still suggests at least some curves on Valerie (although whether she is really a 14/16 again or not is doubtful - but how wonderful it would be if that were true).


The playing-with-the-hair pose is beautiful.