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28th August 2007, 22:28
For those who don't know it, fashionmodeldirectory.com is one of those wonderfully elitist haute-fashion sites that take themselves very seriously. It is essentially a model directory, which lists only the most visible, successful, established professional models- supermodels, in other words.

Here are their criteria for inclusion:

1. She is a professional fashion model who has been accepted onto the books of a reputable model agency (no "wannabe's" or internet models) and / or has appeared in advertising or editorial material in, or on the cover of, a major fashion magazine and / or done runway work for major designers.

2. Further criteria / exclusions:
-professional fashion models only
-no actresses (unless listed as model)
-no singers / pop stars / musicians / entertainers (unless listed as model)
-no male models
-no "glamour" models or porn stars
As you can imagine, the number of plus-size models featured on the site's pages is very small, but it includes...Barbara Brickner!

Here's the page the site gave to her:


It's interesting to see her nationality gives as "German," but that's probably because of all of the work she's done for German clients.

I was delighted to see her size given as a true "(US) 14." It's gratifying to see plus-size models represented by a genuinely full-figured goddess, and not a faux-plus model. Hopefully, this will help show all of the fashionistas out there that, yes, a size-14 supermodel does exist- and her beauty outshines that of any of her underweight rivals...

29th August 2007, 13:21
<br>It's nice to see the mainstream fashion industry for once acknowledging the beauty of a true goddess. Barbara stands out amidst that site's under-nourished models like a full-blown rose in a field of weeds. And the "nationality" listing is intriguing. Could Frau Brickner's ethnic heritage be German? It is entirely possible, as Germany closely rivals Ireland as the world's richest source of timeless beauty.

(Kate Dillon is also given a page at FMD, still listed as a size 14. If only it were true!)

All plus-size-beauty aficionados are now suffering from acute Barbara withdrawal, and are eagerly awaiting her return from matenrity leave. In the meantime, linked below is a new gallery of her images, including the finest results of her 2007 Reitmans campaigns.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/bb234.jpg"></center><p> - <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/barbara17.htm">New Barbara Brickner gallery</a>

M. Lopez
30th September 2007, 13:20
Yay, Barbara Brickner is back! I've seen new images of her at Nordstrom and Kohl's already. She's just modelling basics right now, but I'm sure that we'll be seeing her in more feminine fashions in the future.

Here's her new modelling picture at Nordstrom:


And here she is in the new Kohl's flyer:



I can't wait to see more!