View Full Version : Kelsey: New for Fall 2007 (at Torrid)

M. Lopez
31st August 2007, 18:42
Kelsey looks so beautiful in these new pictures from Torrid. She absolutely glows. She's truly radiant - slightly flushed, in a very alluring way - and her long, straight hairstyle is extremely becoming on her. I'm sure that her many fans will adore these images.

The bronze halter top is exciting (I wish there was a back view as well):


This purple top looks very comfortable on her generous waist:


And although I don't know if I would wear this scholastic outfit myself, zoom in and see how pretty her smile is, in this picture. It will warm your heart:


This may be an odd comparison, but her smile reminds me of actress Kristin Kreuk, who plays the pretty, vulnerable, and feminine Lana Lang on the TV show Smallville. (Kelsey's beauty would melt the heart of any Man of Steel.) These are the most enchanting smiles I've ever seen Kelsey exhibit, and she continues to become more gorgeous with every shoot.

1st September 2007, 07:33
I agree with you. That hairstyle is extremely becoming on Kelsey. She is looking more confident than before and I also think she is looking more womanly. Very, very beautiful looks and smiles indeed.

6th September 2007, 23:55
Here are two more luscious images of Kelsey, both in the eye-catching halter designs. Here again, it would be better if the pieces were offered with reverse views as well (which are crucial to appreciating a halter style- more important than the front view). But Kelsey looks amazing in both.

First, another halter top- this one in royal blue:


Second, a golden halter dress:


What makes this dress so attractive is that it offers a generous view of the wearer's neck and shoulder area- which are among a curvy girl's most eye-catching attributes. No jutting collarbone on Kelsey- just soft, natural fullness. She looks stunning in this dress.