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29th August 2005, 04:35
Maybe a nicer way of saying it would be, "celebrities inspired by plus-size models." But either way, has anyone else noticed how often celebrities mimic famous poses by plus-size models?

It really occurred to me when I saw the Carrie Tivador hairstyle ad on this forum, and how similar it looked to Charlotte Coyle's hairstyle in her best-known Torrid shot.

But that's not the only case. I can't tell you how often I've seen copies of Shannon Marie's over-the-shoulder glance, from Mode magazine. And I've also seen many celebrities mimicking the famous image of Valerie blowing a kiss at the camera, from Figure. And I know I just recently saw an actress temptingly holding out some kind of delicious food towards the camera, like Megan Garcia's offer of grapes, from Figure.

But the current cover of Elle magazine, featuring Jennifer Lopez, stopped me in my tracks, because as soon as I saw it, I thought, "I know those eyes!" Thanks to the makeup, and to the expression, the magazine gave her Barbara Brickner's oh-so-distinctive cat's eyes- that feline look which Barbara gives to the camera in some of her most alluring images.


Call these coincidences if you will, but I don't think they are. I think in their heart of hearts, a lot of celebrities know that plus-size models are the most beautiful women ever photographed- and they secretly envy them, and try to copy their best looks.

31st August 2005, 00:13
I think I found the picture of a celebrity mimicking the Megan Garcia "grapes" image. Here is a fan gallery devoted to a young actress named Hayden Panettiere. The photos are from a recent awards show of some kind, and if you look down the page, you will see two in which she is indulging in a piece of cake, and holding it out to the viewer.


Its a very cute picture. If more actresses followed Haydens lead, Hollywood might actually present a more womanly ideal of beauty.

But Kaitlynn is so right that Jennifer Lopez is coping the tradmark Barbara Brickner feline look on that cover. Its actually a good cover, and if you see it on the newsstands, the influence is even more pronounced.

But I have to say, not even on her very best days can J-Lo look as beautiful as Barbara. Here is a new image from Nordstrom which shows her bewitching eyes:


However, I bet Jennifer Lopez envies something about Barbara even more than her beautiful face - and that is, her goddesslike figure.