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M. Lopez
29th August 2005, 16:20
Finally, it looks like a glimmer of sanity has appeared in Hollywood.

A supermodel has gone on record criticizing Teri Hatcher for her weight loss, saying that emaciation makes a woman look prematurely aged.

There have been a lot of discussions here about how gaining weight actually keeps a woman looking young, while starvation makes her look old before her time, especially on her face. But it's encouraging to see a celebrity admitting this.

Perhaps the fact that the statement comes from a straight-size supermodel will give it even more credibility.

Here's the article, but it's short, so I've posted the complete text as well:



Supermodel RACHEL HUNTER has slammed TERI HATCHER's recent weight loss, declaring the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star's face looks older as a result of her super-slim figure.

The former wife of ROD STEWART has lambasted older women, including the 40-year-old actress, for their obsession with being thin, because it ages their faces prematurely.

Hunter, 36, says, "CATHERINE DENEUVE once said that as a woman gets older, she has to choose between her face and her bottom - I'd choose my face within two seconds.

"When women get too skinny, like TERI HATCHER, it shows on their faces and ages them."

29th August 2005, 22:23
<br>(We trust that Ms. Lopez will not object to having her subject heading revised. The new title seems more pertinent.)

It's true that not only does weight gain (or, at the very least, the avoidance of weight loss) provide a goddess with the soft, full facial features are the hallmark of timeless beauty, but it also makes her far more impervious to the effects of age than any artificial substances or cosmetic arts ever could.

The ruinous effects of weight loss are obvious to anyone who compares how underweight celebrities age vs. how kind the years are to plus-size models. Barbara Brickner looks like she is in her early 20s, and this is due to the fact that she has never subjected herself to a starvation regimen, while Hilary Duff's facial features have been ravaged by food deprivation.

Rachel Hunter's comments were also <a href="http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=15902008&method=full&siteid=94762&headline=rache-s-thin-tizzy--name_page.html" target="_blank">reported</a> two days ago in that wonderful British newspaper, <i>The Daily Mirror.</i> And although the complete article has a mixed message nestled in it, Ms. Hunter added another aesthetic observation concerning facial features and weight that bears repeating:<p><blockquote><i>The model told Reveal magazine that 40-year-old Teri is too thin and added: "When women get too skinny, like Teri Hatcher, it will show on your face and age you. <strong>I think women look very strange when they lose a lot of weight and start to look very masculine</strong>."</i></blockquote><p>It is undoubtedly true that a replete, rounded visage is the most distinctively feminine feature possessed by any true goddess, but how gratifying to have a conventional supermodel acknowledge this fact.

The exquisitely round facial features of Christina Schmidt, seen from the front,<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/cap254.jpg"></center><p>and in profile:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/cap245.jpg"></center><p>Timeless beauty personified.

30th August 2005, 02:16
Christina Schmidt looks so sweet and angelic in those pictures!