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26th September 2007, 23:07
Sabrina Bryan is a young actress who's probably best known as one of the starlets of the Cheetah Girls movies- alongside Raven Symone.

Sabrina was on TV a few days ago on a program called Dancing with the Stars, and although she is nowhere near plus-size, she is definitely curvy by television standards. Like Raven, she's giving young girls a rare glimpse of a non-anorexic body in the media spotlight.

Here's a picture of her with her dancing partner. Note the shapely arms.


And here's the clip of her rehearsal and performance for the TV dance show. You can seen that she doesn't have a visible collar-bone (thank goodness), and about one minute into the clip, during the rehearsal sequence, when she's dressed in fitted camisoles (first navy, then white, and then red), you can see that she has a full, curvy waist.

What also works in her favour is that she's not tall, so her curvy proportions are evident.

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I'm not really crazy about the style of dance that she chose (the idea of a "voluptuous ballet" dancer is more intriguing), but still, at least this is a rare example of a slightly curvy girl in the media.

Here's the link to a better picture of Sabrina. She's obviously tried to adopt Kelsey Olson's signature "vulnerable" look:


10th October 2007, 01:14
For those who are enjoying Sabrina Bryan on Dancing with the Stars, here are two more of her videos.

First, from Week 2, here she is doing a dance called the "Quick Step":


(That video wont embed properly, so just click on the above link to watch it on YouTube.)

And here she is in the Week 3 segment, performing a dance called the "Jive":

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Sabrina isnt plus, but at least she is somewhat curvy (especially thanks to the fact that she isnt overly tall, as Kaitlynn observed). Its a very good thing for young girls to be seeing her on TV.

22nd October 2007, 23:55
I've been following Sabrina on Dancing with the Stars, and loving her performances more and more each week.

Two episodes ago, she achieved a perfect score with a Paso Doble:

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But the performance that really astounded me was the one from earlier this evening - the Rhumba. This is one of the most sensual dance performances I have ever seen.

Early in the clip, you see Sabrina in practice, in a sleeveless top, and the camera catches a wonderful view of her full, round arms (at -5.13). Then, during the performance itself (with Sabrina in a passionate, dark-red gown), the dancers veritably meld together. There is one moment in particular that takes my breath away, when Sabrina's male partner clutches her soft waist, seemingly in ecstasy at holding her generous figure (see -4.17). It's a subversive nod to the beauty of her womanly curves. Afterwards, even one of the judges describes Sabrina's dance as "a ripe, womanly performance," surely thinking of her figure as well as her movements.

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It's wonderful to see this program showing young women romantic, traditional dancing - a welcome alternative to the vulgarity of modern dance moves.

M. Lopez
1st November 2007, 14:35
Sadly, this week's performance was Sabrina's last on the show. It's an extremely entertaining foxtrot (although I still think that the Rhumba was their best-ever performance). You can watch it here:


The clip shows the program from the very beginning, but you can zoom right to Sabrina's segment by fast-forwarding to 02:54. I prefer her in colourful dresses more than in a black gown like this one, but it has a gorgeous neckline, showing a little cleavage. I love her pose at the beginning of the dance, where she has the skirt raised like a fan.

The dance ends with her male partner embracing her full waist. There's no doubt - he adores her curvy figure (and who can blame him!?).