View Full Version : Kailee at Fashion Bug

1st October 2007, 16:02
As far as I know, this is the first time Kailee has ever modelled for Fashion Bug. She looks so cute! I think this is a new junior-plus line at FB.


Too bad its only a headshot. It doesnt show off her figure, and she isnt as plus-looking here as she has been in some of her most exciting pictures. Still, very pretty. It would be nice to see more of her at Fashion Bug - but I still think if she were to go up a size, she would be even more revolutionary and beautiful.


15th October 2007, 12:24
Here's another gorgeous image of Kailee from Fashion Bug, just released today:


I like this one even more, as her face looks a little fuller, and I adore her in pink.

Such a beautiful model...

2nd December 2007, 13:51
I'm happy to have found another pretty Kailee picture at Fashion Bug, for the delight of the model's fans:


The hairstyle is a little different, but very attractive on her. She's so adorably cute.

M. Lopez
18th December 2007, 03:21
Just for Kailee fans, here she is on the current "Scene" landing page at Fashion Bug:


Adorable as always, and a very pretty Christmas picture.

Ah, the wonder of long hair. It gives a vixen a thousand beautiful and coquettish things she can do with it...