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17th October 2007, 18:16
It's so wonderful to see Barbara modelling for Nordstrom again, just in time for the Holiday season. This image vividly demonstrates why she is the most gorgeous dress model in the world. No other goddess displays the kind of full, womanly silhouette that Barbara does. More than ever, Barbara remains "the most perfectly-proportioned model in the world":


I love the way the dress comes in, just a little, above the waist, and then swells outward at the waist and hips, suggesting Barbara's generous cuves. It also isn't too long, meaning that it displays the wearer's great legs (althoug they aren't shown in this picture).

If there's one thing that I appreciate about Nordstrom, it's that it offers reverse views of its dresses, which is essential when selecting halter styles. The ribbon tied at the back is a nice touch, although the back could have been cut a little lower.


I'm not overly fond of the colour and pattern, but Barbara makes it look so good that it's hard to resist.


20th October 2007, 14:07
Stunning image. Barbara is irreplaceable.

Theres another gorgeous new image of her in this sheer top:


I love the fact that its transluscent, and the detail of the string ties at the sleeves is an attractive feminine touch. The wide-cut neckline shows off the wearers neck area, and its nice to see that Barbara has soft fullness around her neck, with no visible collarbone.


Amazing expression from Barbara, as always - absolute self-assurance, consciousness of her own beauty.

M. Lopez
25th October 2007, 18:40
Those are both beautiful items and attractive images. But the dress that I really adore on Barbara is this one - a navy-blue halter style.


It shows off the model's shapely arms and decolletage, and is short enough to expose some leg. The sash is a wonderfully feminine touch. I adore this hairstyle on Barbara, by the way - a really attractive style that I've never seen on her before.

But the image that really shows off the allure of this dress is the reverse view:


Absolutely breathtaking. Any man in the world would faint if he saw Barbara looking this luscious, and fall under her spell as soon as he glimpsed the expanse of her figure revealed by this dress, with the soft curves along her back.

The genius of the halter style is that it employs the fullness of the wearer's own form as the greatest fashion accessory of all.


27th October 2007, 15:12
Thinking of this thread, it occurred to me to add two more Nordstrom pictures. This dress was released a few months ago, and it was noted here at the time, but I think it deserves another mention, because these images further demonstrate how intensely sedecutive a halter style is on a goddess with a figure like Barbara's.


It's incredible how alluring she is in a halter dress. Underweight models look terrible in halter styles, because they expose their grotesquely jutting shoulder blades, making their backs look like those of famine victims. But on Barbara, one sees the gorgeous curves of her back, visibly full. No bones in sight -- just feminine softness.


Here you see how the dress contours outward below the waist, showing off the model's womanly proportions.


The point about a plus-size model's own body being her greatest fashion accessory is very true. The modern starvation standard either leaves women with no curves, or only with artificially-created busts. But well-fed beauties like Barbara have curves in every aspect of their figures, and the best plus-size designs are expressly tailored to show off their attractive shape.

28th October 2007, 20:45
All of the pictures are beautiful. I've been a Barbara Brickner fan for years.

I found something pretty here. It's a series of Barbara avatars, in case anyone wants to use them:


31st October 2007, 01:16
To compare the effect of a halter design to a different cut, here's a photo of Barbara looking very shapely in a double V-neck dress:


The silhouette is still luscious and womanly, thanks to Barbara's incredible to-die-for figure, but there's something much more sensual about the halter style. Something about the vulnerability implicit in an open-back style, the fact that it exposes more of the body, creates a certain frisson that (in my observation) men find irresistible.

Still, the above dress is an attractive style in its own right. Interesting colour, too.


9th November 2007, 19:43
No other goddess displays the kind of full, womanly silhouette that Barbara does. More than ever, Barbara remains "the most perfectly-proportioned model in the world"
There is so much truth to this. While other models have tragically diminished themselves, Barbara has remained consistently curvaceous - and gorgeous.

Here is a new image that shows how irreplaceable she is. Her beauty is simply astounding. I love the size-positive detail of showing her soft curves beside her arm. Natural traits like these are exactly what make plussize models so lovely, so much more womanly than the plastic/synthentic skinniess of minus-size fashion.


Beautiful hairstyle on Barbara too. And I like the colour of the outfit - "sage brush", a very natural shade. The outfit looks very comforable for lounging at home - and yet, as a tank top, it is also very sexy.

You can get it with a cardigan too. Theres a link to that piece from the product page:


12th November 2007, 04:03
How good is a photo of Mrs. Brickner that expresses all of her beauty! Barbara brings the beauty of women to a level hard to match.

Looking at this image is like losing the notion of time.

M. Lopez
14th November 2007, 13:02
I don't usually go for the metallic trend, but I simply had to share this image of Barbara looking incredibly womanly in a new Nordstrom dress. I LOVE how it defines her silhouette, emphasizing her sexy hourglass+pear body type. "Most perfectly proportioned women in the world" - definitely.


This is a more alluring item than even certain swimwear might be. The fact that it's sleeveless, that the top is a wrap style, and above all, that it fits the hips and waist so well, makes it a stunning item - especially on Barbara.

You can see a reverse view too at the product page:


30th November 2007, 03:16
Here's another new lovely holiday item modelled beautifully by Barbara. I especially like the fact that Nordstrom allowed her to show some movement in the dress. It's just one of the reasons why dresses and skirts will always be preferable to slacks- you can achieve some instant drama, just by moving the body a little. It looks great on her figure.


I'm not crazy about the pleating at the stomach, but otherwise, it's striking. The reverse view shows that it has some sexiness too- at least, if the wearer is as full and shapely as Barbara is.


Here's the product page:


17th December 2007, 03:23
This thread has already featured what are surely the loveliest, curviest images of Barbara from her spectacular Winter campaign for Nordstrom, but I'd like to mention a few more, for the benefit of her many fans.

Even something as simple as a "boyfriend tee" looks good, when a figure as contoured as Barbara's gives it shape.



Nordstrom's "Sweet Pea" tops are often cute, and Barbara makes them appealing:



I'm not crazy about the formlessness of this top, but I like the picture because this hairstyle is so attractive on Barbara.



Here's another item that shows her in that beautiful hairstyle -- a satin dress. I like the abbreviated length, and the fact that it's sleeveless; the print, not so much.


And finally, just a gorgeous picture of Barbara with one of her sunniest, most life-affirming smiles.