View Full Version : Another Neil Hamil girl - Lori Foux (video)

26th October 2007, 15:17
I think the Neil Hamil agency deserves more attention. I was extremely impressed with their model Nikki Meyer, when she was introduced on this forum a little while ago:


and it seems that she is not alone among Neil Hamil girls who are beautiful and legitimately plussize.

Neil Hamil has put short video clips of some of its girls online (in the Ford/Wilhelmina manner), and one of these videos shows a luscious model named Lori Foux:

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As you can see, Lori has a very soft, full figure, with generous proportions. The Neil Hamil site lists her as a 16, but I think she is curvier than that.

Its a pity that all of the photos on Neil Hamil site are unremarkable. Based on the video clips of Nikki and Lori, the agency has some stunning talent.