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1st September 2005, 14:04
No, I'm not giving everybody hugs and kisses. There's a junior clothing line called XOXO, and it's just started offering plus sizes. The clothing is very cute, so I thought some of the readers here would like to see it. Some of the best pieces, like the dresses, aren't available in plus yet, but the site says more are coming soon. For now, a couple of the tops aren't bad. It looks like a great, Torrid-type of line.


Speaking of Torrid, what also caught my attention at the site is how pretty the ad campaign is. It's kind of an Old World-ish setting, with statues in the background, and the models are made to look a bit like woodland nymphs. It's just the sort of ad campaign I think would look amazing for Torrid, or would work for this company, if it used Torrid-size models.

2nd September 2005, 23:12
<br>It's always encouraging to find more design houses--especially those that create lovely, feminine fashions, such as this one does--expanding their lines into the plus range. And XOXO would indeed seem to be a natural fit for Torrid. The XOXO clothing would look so much better on models with appropriately full, feminine figures (such as everyone's favourite Torrid beauty, below), and the Torrid models would, in turn, benefit immeasurably from being photographed in the kind of gorgeous, classical settings that XOXO utilizes, which would harmonize with their own timeless beauty.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/forum/torrid10.jpg"></center>