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M. Lopez
4th November 2007, 01:24
How wonderful to see Barbara modelling for Reitmans again! I missed her in the last campaign, but she's back now, more beautiful than ever.

The first batch of the Winter pics are simple, but still lovely. I imagine that the next series will show us the glamorous Holiday styles.

This image exemplifies why Barbara's campaigns with Reitmans as so amazing. On another model, this could have been a simple shirt, but Barbara fills it out beautifully, making it look so attractive. Reitmans is always terrific for fit, giving Barbara tops that embrace her curves snugly and alluringly. And the little detail of opening all of the buttons at the neck shows how a vixen can take a basic piece and give it some extra zing.


Further lovely images here:


5th November 2007, 02:43
It is wonderful to see Barbara modelling for Reitmans again, especially since it offers the promise of further exciting promotions in the future. I'm not wild about the spartan bare background of this campaign, but I'm betting there will be more thrilling campaigns to come- and Barbara always makes a photoshoot captivating, whatever the setting.

Of the current series, I also like this picture:


It's reproduced at a larger size in the new Reitmans e-flyer:


25th November 2007, 16:36
Although this isn't the most artistic promotion Reitmans has ever produced, it's still wonderful to see Barbara modelling for them again -- and I'm sure we'll all be seeing even more exciting campaigns in the future.

Several additional images were released yesterday, my favourite of which is this one, which indicates the curvy shape of Barbara's figure:


You can also see a larger version in the new e-flyer (same link as above).

Here's another pretty top:


15th December 2007, 15:11
Heres an adorable picture of Barbara I have to share from the latest Reitmans campaign:


She looks like a teenager! I love it. You seldom see Barbara modelling sleepwear before (comfy sleepwear as opposed to lingerie), and its a really fun picture.

They should have gone all out, though, and had Barbara in a pillow-fight with another model, the way Happy Size did for one of their delightful campaigns. But its a cute shot, and still suggests her curves, even beneath the loose PJs.