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10th November 2007, 17:52
<br>The Heffner Agency in Seattle has just struck a major coup by signing fair-haired goddess Kelsey Olson to its books. Of course, Kelsey is still represented by Dorothy Combs Models in Seattle, but fans of the model earnestly hope that this might give Kelsey greater exposure.

Kelsey's Nordstrom book featuring many lovely images, including this dazzling headshot that the public has never seen before. It shows off the model's exquisitely fair facial features, gentle blue eyes, and long, flowing blonde tresses. The pink lacy top that she wears in this image (just visible in the corner) is a perfect styling choice, as it further emphasizes the model's soft, delicate femininity.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/test12.jpg"></center></p>The strength of Heffner's board is now truly extraordinary, and it joins the top two New York plus-size divisions, and Dorothy Combs, as having one of the most significant talent rosters in the industry. Barbara, Charlotte Coyle, Andrea, and many other popular models are all signed with this Seattle agency, and Kelsey's arrival immediately makes her one of Heffner's most exciting models.

Could this mean that fans will be seeing Miss Olson at Nordstrom someday? One can only hope . . .

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11th November 2007, 13:22
It's wonderful to see Kelsey's career advancing. As a size 14/16 model with true timeless beauty, she's an amazing representative for full-figured girls.

Coincidentally, she appears in this week's Kohl's flyer:


Kohl's does some great casting, and the only pity is that their images aren't reproduced with more clarity. But Kelsey looks beautiful here, and the photo shows off the perfect roundness of her facial features. I love the way her blonde tresses cascade over her shoulders. A model this beautiful can make even a picture in an ordinary outfit memorable.


15th November 2007, 13:58
<br>And speaking of Kelsey Olson, we <i>must</I> share an elecrifying new image that appeared in a Torrid promotion just today. This is one of the most all-out sensual, alluring images that the model has ever created.

Her golden tresses cascade over her bare shoulders. Her sapphire blue eyes (blue as the Earth when viewed from space) burn a hole through the camera lens. The passionate red top reveals a generous expanse of her neck and shoulder area, and accentuates her buxom charms, which, embraced by the ruched fabric, are utterly intoxicating.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/kelsey/torrid77.jpg"></center></p>This is one of the most remarkable images that Kelsey has ever created for Torrid--or, for that matter, that any model has ever created, period. Fair angel and devilish seductress at once, there is no model as exciting as the ravishing Miss Olson, especially when outfitted in "look-at-me-and-gasp" Torrid attire.

19th November 2007, 23:41
That red-themed Torrid image is too sizzling for words. It could be Kelseys most exciting picture ever. I wish it were availabe in a larger form. Its one of those pictures you can show to non-believers to prove just how gorgeous plussize models can be.

Kelsey was in another Torrid e-flyer last week. Its not as sexy as her heart-pounding red image, but its still a cute pic:


20th November 2007, 05:57
I have to agree that the red image is one of the most remarkable Kelsey pictures I've seen. Here's hoping that Kelsey gets her next big spread out soon, as she seems about due to create another fantastic series. It seems every time her next few shots come out, they outdo the last - always fantastic, and always excelling.