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13th November 2007, 03:43
<br>Fans of Christina Schmidt will be thrilled to learn that she has just shot a new campaign for Torrid--both lifestyle and catalogue.

We have two outtakes to share, for now, but the really exciting shots will be showing up on the Torrid site <i>"within the next week,"</i> so fans will surely be checking Torrid.com regularly to see new examples of Miss Schmidt's work.

For now, here's an enticing image of Christina showing off a coquettish, playing-with-her-hair pose.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid52.jpg"></center></p>And another image from the same series:<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid53.jpg"></center></p>The dark red lipgloss contrasts richly with the model's raven tresses.

13th November 2007, 12:15
That's so great to hear. I can't wait to see what Torrid has Christina model for them.

I've liked a bunch of Torrid's recent stuff, including this really pretty top:


I hope Christina gets to model something really feminine and cute for Torrid. I'll be watching the site to see!

14th November 2007, 03:32
<br>Michael Anthony has kindly provided a sneak peek at one of the really exciting styles that Torrid will undoubtedly soon be offering. The babydoll cut is incredibly alluring on a vixen with a figure as curvaceous as Christina's, showing off her buxom beauty, and leaving exposed her arms, so alluringly soft. The design is effectively cut to come in just under the best, emphasizing the decolletage, and leaving a rounded midriff comfortably free.

Note also the dramatic eye makeup, and that bewitching necklace, which looks both antique and trendy at the same time (so befitting the wearer, with her timeless yet contemporary allure), complimented by an elaborate bracelet on her arm.

Christina has often shot in straight hair, so it's thrilling to see her with her tresses in a romantic wave, which heightens her femininity. Her expression, with slightly parted lips, is breathtakingly sensual, showing how the model's posing technique has developed even further, incorporating more mature, passionate looks.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid54.JPG"></center></p>If this picture is any indication (and it surely is), Torrid is about to have one of its most exciting seasons, and Christina will be unveiling some of her most arresting work to date.

M. Lopez
14th November 2007, 12:48
Several of Christina's items just appeared on Torrid today.

Here's something I don't think I've ever seen before at Torrid, but I really like it - a Pink bathrobe. It looks suggly and comfortable:


Here's a ruffle trim halter top (wish it had a back view too, though). The MUA's look for Christina really goes with the black/red theme of the ensemble:


An Apple Bottoms jacket (LOVE Christina's expression in this picture):


A red satin trench coat:


I can't wait to see what else turns up!

15th November 2007, 00:47
It's so true- the velvety red lipgloss goes SO well with Christina's raven tresses in the top two pictures, and I love her expressions in those. It's definitely a more sensual look than she's ever given Torrid before. And I adore the necklace in the gold-top outtake. I wonder if that's a Torrid item too? It's exquisite.

I found one more new Christina item at Torrid so far- a black Baby Phat jacket:


I hope she got to model some dresses too, this time. She does some of her most exciting work showing off Torrid dresses.

I found one new Torrid dress that I especially like (alas, not modelled by Christina), with a very pretty bow on the front:


No one can create ultra-feminine looks like Torrid can.

15th November 2007, 12:56
Loving these pictures. I only wish Michael Anthony had gotten the opportunity to shoot Christina in a great location, like the desert setting he employed for his Kelsey/Lindsey series.

Oh, and here's one more new Torrid picture, just released today.

Black Satin V-Neck Collar Top:


Christina's female and male fans are now watching torrid.com closely, to see any new items that she might show off for everybody's favourite junior-plus retailer.

22nd November 2007, 01:23
These are all pretty, but so far, my favourite of the new pictures of Christina at Torrid is the "Club" landing-page photo:


There is her incredibly sensual expression, taken to a whole new level. I mean, WOW, just look at her. It totally goes with the sizzling hot top, which is all about "look-at-me" attention.


23rd November 2007, 17:11
Torrid definitely held back the most exciting new pictures of Christina until now. Here she is on the "Interact" landing page:



I adore that picture. She looks so feisty and full of life. Just look at those cheekbones! And I love how fair her complexion appears -- a perfect look for winter. The ensemble looks terrific on her: that short, alluring red skirt, and the fitted top that defines her shapely figure, esepcially her curvy waist. This is what junior-plus is all about -- enjoying life to the max.

Also, the new "Features" landing page shows a terrific photo -- a variation on the preview snapshot posted earlier, but this is an even better "take":



The expressions shows off the natural roundness of the model's facial features. The top looks both comfortable and enticing, showing off some decolletage, and comfortably resting on her curvy waist.

These are perhaps the best Torrid lifestyle pictures Christina has ever created.

Oh, and for good measure, don't miss Christina showing off this elegant item:

- Black Jewel Long Tube Dress (http://www.torrid.com/torrid/store/product.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302024200&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442168467)

3rd December 2007, 17:46
Hey, check this out. I found one more new picture of Christina at Torrid. This is quite a sexy piece- a keyhole top (always a flattering cut on a curvy girl) with puff lace sleeves, which is the next-best thing to sleeveless.


The black/red theme works very well for Christina, especially with the lighter complexion she has for this shoot. The top fits her figure perfectly.

M. Lopez
4th December 2007, 00:35
You can also see Christina in a beauty/cosmetics page online, here:


It's an incredibly attractive photo, for which Christina generates one of the most mature and sophisticated expressions she's ever presented. Her beauty is becoming more dramatic with every shoot.