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17th November 2007, 18:45
There was a thread on this forum a while back that a lot of readers really enjoyed, calling for plus-size companies to stop using faux-plus swimwear models, but to go back to the Mode approach and use genuinely full-figured girls in these promotions:


Cyberswim was singled out for praise as a lone example of a company that was doing it right, featuring a curvy model named Roxanne. Well, Cyberswim has just released new images of its line, and they again feature Roxanne - who has definitely become fuller-figured and more beautiful since the last campaign.


The downside is that the company appears to have given her some sort of awful waist-constricting garment under the swimsuits, making her figure unnaturally narrow in the waist. (It's not a good look.) But otherwise, the pictures are beautiful.


Roxanne is an attractive model to begin with, with her long dark hair, high cheekbones, full arms, and round facial features, and the improved figure augments her beauty considerably.

http://www.cyberswim.com/images/us/local/products/detail/C60608W_dt.jpg http://www.cyberswim.com/images/us/local/products/detail/62719W_dt.jpg

Nowhere do Curvy goddesses outshine their underweight rivals more completely than in swim attire. I hope these pictures help more full-figured women realize this.

http://www.cyberswim.com/images/us/local/products/detail/62900WS_dt.jpg http://www.cyberswim.com/images/us/local/products/detail/62826W_dt.jpg

The images also give a good idea of what that elusive, long-awaited plus-size swimwear calendar could look like...

7th December 2007, 16:12
The images are all completely stunning. Not only does Roxanne look more beautiful now, at a curvier size, than in last year's campaign, but she looks younger too. It's amazing how a richer look can give a model perpetual youth. I think she's gorgeous. And at last, this is one swimwear campaign that actually shows how the suits will look on someone with a womanly figure- and the answer is, they'll look terrific.

Torrid deserves major kudos in this department too. They used to show their swimwear only on thinner girls, but their latest offerings are all shown on a size-18 model. And oh, the difference! The suits all look so good on her- way better than they would on a thinner girl. I especially like the one in fuchsia, and the one with the pink bow.


Signs of progress...thank you, Cyberswim and Torrid.

Now I'm sure fans are all eagerly awaiting the day when Christina or Kelsey do their first swimwear shots...