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M. Lopez
22nd November 2007, 20:56
Curvy Girl Clothing gave everyone the best example of what an ideal plus-size fashion show could look like, as posted in the recent thread about that company, and it's nice to see others following their lead.

I found a couple of articles today about a size-positive staged by Philadelphia University students, expressly to foster pro-curvy ideals. The titles of the articles say it all:

- Local Fashion Show Battles Super-Thin, 'Size-Zero' Culture (http://www.nbc10.com/news/14664764/detail.html)

- Battling The Size "0" Culture (http://www.nbc10.com/news/14662108/detail.html)

The show's angle on "diversity" isn't so great, though, since that word (and the idea behind it) tends to focus too much on politics and not enough on aesthetics. Also, a student fashion show can't make as compelling a statement about the commercial vialibity of plus-size fashion as a retailer's show can.

Still, I really liked this mauve-colored design from the show. (The model is on the right, the designer on the left.) Nice colours, cute necklace, attractively abbreviated length.


It would look better on its own, without the shrug.

It's always encouraging to see young women combating the anorexic standard.