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12th December 2007, 17:36
<br>Today, December 12th, marks the Ninth Anniversary of The Judgment of Paris. It was nine years ago that the first pages of this site appeared on line. Nine years is a long time in any context--in Web terms, it is a geological epoch.

We don't have anything in particular planned for this year's celebrations, since the attention this year has been focussed on the tenth anniversary of <i>Mode</I> magazine--an infinitely more significant occasion. Next, year, however, for the site's decade in existence, we plan to cook up something special (should the world last so long).

However, we are delighted to say that today, an extraordinary gift has arrived for all fans of plus-size beauty (a post about which will appear shortly), and if some readers wish to view this as a "anniversary gift" for the site, far be it from us to disabuse them of such a notion.

In the meantime, however, we are delighted to share a new image, and new gallery, of two of the favourite goddesses of this site, Lillian Russell and Christina Schmidt, together embodying past and present, representing the once-and-future-aesthetic of timeless beauty.

Lillian Russell--even early in her career, before she gained weight and beauty, already showing soft, full arms (that she loved to display--to the delight of her innumerable admirers):<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/lillian/lil82.jpg"></center></p>- <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/christina7.htm">NEW Christina Schmidt gallery</a>

12th December 2007, 23:41
Congratulations! It is so nice to see that not only have you survived, but are still an exemplary site for plus-size models. Thank you for what you do.

15th December 2007, 15:18
One thing that always strikes me about Lillian Russell, besides her own extraordinary beauty, is how gorgeous her dresses are in her pictures. They take my breath away, and I only wish that some of that opulent, romantic femininity of the past might find its way into contemporary fashion. You only see it in bridal fashions today (if at all), but its SO appropriate for the curvy aesthetic, and makes plussize goddesses look twice as beautiful.

In the posted picture, in Lillians dress, you see floral embellishments, intricate lace, a garland for her hair, a great deal of ornament; but note also that the dress fits her very closely, conforming to her every curve (and of course, showing off her arms). The dress looks both delicate and substantial, and its fragility plays off against her well-fed, robust beauty in a remarkable way.