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25th December 2007, 17:27
I have to draw the attention of this board to a stunning new talent from Germany. She's a U.S. size 16, with measurements 46-35-46, and has a soft, full figure (making her especially unique in Germany, which is still dominated by the detestable faux-plus look). She is more in line with what the Dutch plus-size industry is achieving, with the success of genuinely full-figured models like Karen Vermeiren.

Here test photos are very conservative, but here's a picture that shows off her shapely legs:


She is also a blonde, with round facial features, and that too makes her unique in Germany, which seems to have deliberately avoided soft-figured blondes, even though they are the national norm. Franca Walther is very much the embodiment of the beautiful Germanic ideal.


She is represented by the MOS agency and by Harry's Model Management. Here is her card at MOS:


And here she is at Harry's Models, in Munich:


This picture suggests the soft fullness of her figure:


She a true beauty, and although she's a bit on the tall side, she represents a real sign of progress for plus-size modelling in Germany.


I hope she achieves the success that she so richly deserves.