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3rd September 2005, 12:00
<br>What a thrill it is to see Christina Schmidt now modelling for Torrid! The first of her images has already appeared at the Torrid site, and it will be fascinating to see what other results this shoot (which took place very recently) might yield.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cs/torrid01.jpg"></center><p>You can see the first fruit of this new series at the following link:<p><a href="http://www.torrid.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&M=683656354&RN=204&ITEM=570633" target="_blank">Christina Schmidt at Torrid</a><p>Congratulations to both the model, and to Torrid, for turning fantasy into reality. Christina and Torrid are undoubtedly a match made in heaven--and it is a thrill beyond words to see their two fates finally intersect. "MoreGrrrl" (which was the store on <i>Degrassi</i> for which Christina's character, Terri, did her modelling) was very much patterned after the Torrid concept, so this meeting of worlds has been three years in the making.

3rd September 2005, 15:42
Talk about life imitating art. I am so thrilled about this! I hope Torrid gave her some great items to model. I love the dresses at Torrid much better than the tops these days, so I hope Christina gets to show off something cute. The wardrobe they gave her on Degrassi was great in Season Two, but not so nice in other seasons, so I hope we see Christina in something really pretty and feminine. She would be perfect for the lace/fairytale styles that Ellegirl showed off in its last issue.

4th September 2005, 00:54
This is so awesome! I have always looked up to Christina. I can't wait to see what she wears. The first peasant blouse I ever bought was after I saw Christina wear one in her model episode on Degrassi. She looked so beautiful in it. I would have never worn something so fitted if I hadn't seen her dress that way. Way to go Torrid! Christina is perfect for them.

5th September 2005, 14:23
For me it was the red dress she wore at the Young Artist Awards that made the biggest impact. I admit I tried to find one just like it afterwards, and got one that was fairly close.

I read on the Torrid site that the company even did a little interview with her. I can't wait to read it! Christina always comes off so well in inteviews. I love hearing what she has to say. It always gives me a lift.

8th September 2005, 20:42
I don't know how many of you have seen this, but there's a site called "I'm Legal" which counts down the days until young celebrities have their 18th birthdays. Christina is the next on the list, so she's on their cover page -


Seven days and counting......

It occurs to me that having a Torrid series coming up is a rather nice 18th birthday present! It'll be great to see what she shot for Torrid.