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10th January 2008, 21:33
I suppose it's a measure of how little the members of this board watch television that no one has posted about this show before. That speaks of the quality of the readership of the forum, to be sure, but it also means that sometimes, positive little blips in pop culture might get missed.

October Road (http://abc.go.com/primetime/octoberroad/index?pn=index) is an hour-drama series, now in its second season, on primetime ABC. It's basically about life in a small town in New England for a group of 20/30somethings.

One of the actresses on the show - Rebecca Fields, who plays Janet Meadows - is full-figured and actually quite attractive. Here's a publicity still:


Not as gorgeous as Christina Schmidt, of course, but she is definitely a significant aesthetic improvement over the actresses who've played the frumpy stereotypes of old, such as Camryn Manheim, Rosie O'Donnell, etc. Viewers seeing Rebecca will say, "She's pretty." In fact, they do.

The role she plays, and the storyline that she's involved in, is actually kind of similar to Christina's persona on Degrassi. Rebecca's character, Janet, catches the eye of the town's GQ heartthrob, and guess what? They begin a relationship...but not without complications. Her insecurities lead her to believe that he's wary of being seen in public with her. And then, on one occasion, he seems to stand her up...

Well, you can get a clue as to how this storyline has progressed from an entertaining trailer for next week's show:

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True, it's a bit of a shame that a full-figured actress is still playing an insecure role rather than that of an uber-confident vixen. However, she does seem to be "getting the guy" - and a GQ-type at that. (Not "settling.") More importantly, although Rebecca is not as beautiful as Shannon Marie or Charlotte Coyle, she is a step in that direction - that is, a step towards Hollywood finally featuring attractive plus-size actresses rather than matronly ones.

This also sends a good message to the guys out there, because the more storylines depict such relationships in a positive way, the more men will become comfortable acknowledging their natural preference for full-figured women.

12th January 2008, 01:36
She isn't exactly a knockout, but at least she's a step above Ugly Betty's "real" models (ugh), or the women in "reality" campaigns.

Hollywood is about 30 years behind society when it comes to these issues. At least it's gone from scenarios in which the full-figured girl can't "get the guy," to a situation in which maybe she can "get the guy."

When things REALLY will have progressed is when we see the GQ-type male being the one pining after the full-figured goddess, and questioning his own worthiness to be with such a gorgeous woman. And for that, the actresses will have to be even more beautiful.

I'll give Rebecca Field credit, though. She seems to be taking the role that's been thrust on her- of body-image representative- seriously.


Pertinent comments:

In the fall of 2007, Field signed on as spokeswoman for the non-profit group, Multi-service Eating Disorders Association or MEDA. The outfit endeavors to educate, prevent and help treat eating disorders, something the actress considers especially relevant...

Field said in MEDA's official site: “It's so important to accept and appreciate our bodies and work to keep them healthy. It's not about size or a number on the scale. Slowly, but surely, we can change the way women are viewed, on and off screen."...

“You are showing all the people that you don't have to be a size two to get a hottie,” a viewer wrote on Field's MySpace page. “You are a role model for all women.”
As long as she doesn't become a sellout and start shilling for one of the anti-plus industries, she may do some actual good with her role, and with her career.