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M. Lopez
18th January 2008, 01:03
Crystal Renn got a write-up in the U.K. paper The Sun a few days ago, but it's a Web log entry about the article that really got my attention:


I admire how the writer used pro-curvy language in her description:

Shape of things to come?

A once terribly thin model named Crystal Renn, starved herself to pursue her dream of becoming a super model, Until one day she saw the light while watching Super chef Nigella Lawson.

The 21 year old craved food, but desperately wanted to be a haute couture model, she had a desicion to make, Crystal decided to eat, and the unexpected happened, not only did Crystal gain weight and become a Sultry voluptuous size 16, but her dream became a reality, she now heads campaigns for elite designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, Crystal said :

"Iíve never been in so much demand. I wasnít getting jobs like this when I
was skinny and I feel so privileged to be working for Gaultier and

"Iíve seen models who are naturally really thin."

"But then you meet the other ones who, like me, give up so much of
their life just for this. "

"No one should die for a job."

"That was my realization Ė I thought, ĎIím going to kill myself, to

"It doesnít matter in the end, itís how happy you are."
I like how the writer described Crystal's former state as terribly thin, indicating how awful she looked then. And by saying that Crystal "craved food," and then proceeded to "gain weight and become a Sultry voluptuous" model, she emphasizes how it was actually Crystal's indulgence that made her beautiful.

So many women feel guilty about craving food, but plus-size models can show them that they should be comfortable with this desire, and allow themselves this pleasure.

The article comes with one of the prettier pictures I've seen of the model in quite a while, in a very soft setting, and dressed in purple (such a pretty colour on her). It harkens back to her Lane Bryant campaign of a few years ago (still an aesthetic high-water mark for her). It's such a shame that she's not as full-figured today as she was then.


And here's the link to the original Sun article:


18th January 2008, 13:10
What a gorgeous picture! I think Crystal Renn is one of the more beautiful plus-size models in the world.

29th January 2008, 16:12
Crystal Renn may not be as gloriously full-figured as she was a few years ago, but she's still one of the more exotic-looking
plus-size models working right now. At least she hasn't diminished as much as Kate Dillon, who's far from her size-16 glory days. Thanks for posting the story.

29th February 2008, 23:33
Just to add something here, I found this remarkable image in a wwd.com article a while ago. Said article is now restricted to users of the site, unfortunately, but the image should still post:


Incredible, no? I believe it may have been an Evans ad. Pity it's reproduced at such a small size. But I find the wind effect remarkable, especially in the way it catches her voluminous tresses.