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6th September 2005, 16:01
I received a Talbots e-mail promotion today which presented me with a stunning visual contrast between plus-size beauty and the flat, androgynous look that is so prevalent today -- for reasons which make no sense at all.

Here is Barbara Brickner in the Talbots flyer. She's wearing a suit, which is the least flattering thing that any shapely woman can ever wear, but Barbara looks so luscious, so womanly, so feminine, that her curves even give this outfit some shape:


But guess what happens if you click on this image of Barbara in the Talbots circular? You are taken to the Talbots Web site, where you get to see the outfit on this poster-child for emaciation:


I don't for the life of me see why Talbots would market this apparel on such a skeletal model to anyone. Even straight-size women surely find the outfit more beautiful on gorgeously curvy and comfortable-looking Barbara. It is only her full figure that gives it any appeal at all.

You can see the flyer here. We often talk about how much better clothes look on plus-size models than on waifs, but I was still amazed at this night-and-day contrast, and how vividly it proves the point.


9th September 2005, 20:57
<br>That remarkable image of Barbara takes us back to the industry in its pre-<i>Mode</i> days, when plus-size models were challenged to express their beauty and sensuality, despite being garbed in deadly-dull career wear.

The image also reminds us of the fundamentally subversive power of plus-size beauty. While the straight-size model's femininity is utterly eradicated when she is garbed in androgynous attire, the plus-size model's womanly curves are still evident. In a blow to all social engineers, her essentialy femininity cannot be erased. And although she wears the outfit better than any waif model ever could, her lush curves intimate that this type of clothing is unnatural on a female figure, which would be better adorned by romantic attire, including daring dresses, flirty skirts, and soft, flowing blouses.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/talbots02.jpg"></center><p>The image also currently appears on the cover of the Talbots plus-size section. Why the company does not shoot <i>all</i> of its apparel on full-figured models (let alone all of its plus wares) is quite incomprehensible . . .