View Full Version : Liis: Spring at Laura Plus

M. Lopez
15th February 2008, 04:34
Liis has returned to Laura Plus for their spring campaign, and I have to say, these are her best images in ages. I can't remember when she's looked this attractive.

In the cover page, notice the fullness of her facial features,


This is probably the most size-positive picture. You can clearly see her curvy 37" waist in the image on the right, and she isn't self-conscious about it, but is exhibiting it as a sensual trait, which it is. Attractively demure expression.


Here is another lovely pair of images. Liis appears a bit fuller in this campaign than in past promos, and it really agrees with her. There's an extra softness in her face and neck area.


You can see the rest of the campaign at the link provided: