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1st March 2008, 02:28
I found something rather interesting online the other day. Someone has revised a series of plus-size-model images to resemble Victorian photographs.

The models in question will be familiar to everyone -- Shannon Marie and Kailee O'Sullivan. How interesting that the creator chose two Irish beauties to spotlight in this manner.

First, here are her interpretations of Shannon Marie's photographs:


She even gives her a fantasy name, calling her "Claire," and deeming her "una belleza clįsica" (which needs no translation).


Shannon Marie is, of course, the loveliest model that there has ever been, or ever will be, and I find it remarkable how convincing these redone images are. One could easily take them to be actual Victorian photographs.

Now, here are her interpretations of Kailee's pictures.


This photo really does seem to belong in an antique oval picture frame.


She gives Kailee the fantasy name "Lily Anne," which is so appropriate, I think, since it echoes the name of that most famous of Victorian-era beauties, Lillian Russell.


The pictures are entirely convincing, and demonstrate very effectively that today's most popular plus-size models would have been considered the epitome of feminine beauty in the 19th century -- or in any age prior to the modern day.


It makes one yearn to return to that bygone era -- a more beautiful time than our own, a healthier and nobler age in every way.

Here is the creator's flickr page: