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M. Lopez
8th September 2005, 22:22
I don't know how many models deserve a whole thread based on one new image, but Charlotte is certainly one of them. I saw this exciting new photo at the Hughes agency site, and I had to share it here. I knew everybody would love it.


It reminds me of Charlotte's Torrid cover series - which I adored, and which I think is one of the best achievements of the plus-size industry, ever.

It also fits in with what people were saying in the thread about Melissa's Just My Size commercial. The message here is utterly perfect: a gorgeous plus-size model (perhaps the fairest of them all), visibly curvy, obviously proud of her own beauty - and so she should be! - being adored by a hunky/studly male model, and in a party/romantic setting.

This is also a more accurate and inspiring image of what's happening in the real world today than all the homely so-called "reality" campaigns put together.

9th September 2005, 13:05
What really strikes me about this ad, and the Barbara/Victoria series for Happy Size, is what you see the models doing. They are out there, really enjoying life, from partying, to dancing, to going out, to stepping out into nature, even to relaxing with a good book. They're obviously having a good time, and they look really comfortable with themselves. What a contrast to what the weight-loss propagandists would have women doing - wasting their lives killing themselves in a gym, or going around miserable and hungry all day. Talk about a difference in "quality of life"!

I love the expression on the male model's face. He looks like he's in heaven, looking at Charlotte and thinking, "I can't believe they're paying me for this." I bet Charlotte broke his heart when she went back to England!

9th September 2005, 15:16
Charlotte looks like an angel in that picture - but an angel who is having a lot of fun on Earth! Thats the kind of ad or cover I have always dreamed of seeing in a magazine. Its so dreamy it just takes my breath away.

Torrid is starting to do ads in major magazines now, but the ads have been hit and miss. (The best was the first, in which Crystal showed her midriff.) But I wish the ads were from this incredible series with Charlotte. They are all so perfect! I hope Charlotte and this photographer work together again - they create magic together.

10th September 2005, 17:03
<br>To add to this new-image thread, here is the original version of the test photograph which <i>The Daily Mirror</i> used for its Charlotte Coyle cover page. It is an eye-catching image, to be sure, and made for a fine cover, but the Torrid series (of which the image that Ms. Lopez posted is surely a part) in unsurpassable. The hairstyle, the makeup, the context--and of course, Charlotte’s matchless beauty, and enchanting expressions--all came together to produce an unbroken string of visual masterpieces. It ranks with Barbara Brickner’s Elena Miro series on the French Riviera as one of the most successful plus-size model shoots, ever--and is very much in the original <i>Mode</i> spirit of <i>joie de vivre.</i>

Charlotte represents an unprecedented opportunity for the plus-size industry, because a model who is this curvy, and this gorgeous, comes along but once in a generation.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/cc/new05.jpg"></center><p>Let us just hope that the powers that be take advantage of this gift that Fate has given them--of an angel descended from above--and capitalize on her potential to restore the timeless ideal of feminine beauty.

10th September 2005, 17:35
I showed this to my daughter tonight and she said, "Why is that man looking at her like that?" I said, "Why because she's LOVELY and look how much fun she is having!" She really thought about it for a moment, and asked me if she is going to grow up to look like Charlotte. I said, no, she would grow up looking like herself which is also beautiful.

I am so glad this web site exists. It keeps me afloat on the days when I have very little energy to combat negavitity and weight hysteria. Thanks to everybody.