View Full Version : Franca Walther: Sallie Sahne ad

12th March 2008, 02:17
Chad posted this image at a small size on the forum a few months ago, but I recently located a much larger version, and I think it's worth posting:


Franca is one of my favourite European models, and although the clothing is a bit on the career-wear side, I still think this is a lovely ad. She looks gorgeous, and the abbreviated skirt shows off her beautiful, full legs.

If she had been around in WWII, the soldiers at the front wouldn't have had Betty Grable posters (Betty's legs being so popular at that time, that she famously insured them for a million dollars), but Franca Walther posters!

I think the Carisal model has some competition for the best legs of any model in the indusry today.

M. Lopez
7th June 2008, 02:23
I just discovered two new Franca Walther images on her online portfolio at her agency, Harry's Models (Munich). They appear to be tear sheets from a German magazine. I love the colours in this one:


And here she is on the right:


Franca is gorgeous and has an amazing figure. Combining the stats from her two agencies, her measurements are a very womanly 45-<strong>35-46</strong>, which would be a full U.S. size 16.

It's wonderful to see another gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model making it in Europe.


15th June 2008, 17:03
I found another new Sallie Sahne ad featuring Franca Walther at the Big Is Beautiful magazine site. It isn't as exciting as the first one, but still very pretty:


Franca is truly beautiful, especially for a continental European model, and I hope her career continues to progress.

3rd July 2008, 19:46
Heres a terrific bit of news for Franca Walther fans. She appears on the cover of the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of Legere, which is a biannual German plussize magazine (which is notoriously hard to get in North America):


Beautiful! She reminds me of Anita Ekberg in her curvy prime. I always look forward to seeing more of her.