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24th March 2008, 04:16
It's remarkable how much press coverage this is getting in Britain. A young plus-size model has become one of the finalists in the Miss England competition.


Here's the link:


Some excerpts:

A 16-year-old girl has defied the super-thin modelling status quo by becoming the first size 16 model to be selected as a finalist for the Miss England competition.

Chloe Marshall, from Guildford, beat seven other slimmer girls to the title of Miss Surrey and will now compete in the national finals...

"I wanted to go through to the Miss England finals to break through the stereotype that you have to be tall and skinny.

"I want to show girls out there that it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard sized zero...

Stevie Walters, of Models Plus, said Chloe had a "luscious" figure and a bright future ahead of her...

Chloe's success comes as the debate about the use of size zero models in the fashion industry continues.

The debate was sparked last year when a Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos, 22, died of heart failure after starving herself.

In November, a 21-year-old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston, died from anorexia.

The deaths prompted organisers of Madrid Fashion Week to ban underweight models, while Milan followed suit with a code of conduct to stop anorexic-looking models being used in shows.

The British Fashion Council, however, refused to ban size zero women from taking part in London Fashion Week.

Doctors and women's groups have expressed concern that the use of underweight models encourages anorexia in the industry and sends a dangerous signal to girls.
She's not quite Christina Schmidt or Kelsey Olson, but she's pretty enough to be viable, to make a statement. (She's isn't just a so-called "real" girl.) She won't be allowed to win, but even getting to the finals is a step in the right direction.

Still, I do wish it were someone like Charlotte Coyle in her place - someone who would cause every jaw to drop, and who really would be indisputably the most gorgeous girl in the competition. Ms. Marshall is at the very least guaranteed to have a far better figure of any of her Miss England competitors.

29th March 2008, 15:52
Hi I am based in the UK and I reckon it is wonderful news that plussize models are getting into the press due to the Miss England competition. I will be wanting the young lady to be the outright winer, as she really deserves to be the winner. This would be a clear message for all those size-zero models that their size is so unrealistic. My beloved tells me a lot of men do not like the skinny models.

Oh well, I will be wanting her to win and I hope that the judges agree.

Cheers to you all from Viv

30th March 2008, 16:37
Amazingly, even ABC news picked up the story. It shows how important it is to have a good publicist.


Some highlights:

You don't have to be catwalk-skinny to be a beauty queen, at least not in the English county of Surrey.

Last week, Surrey residents elected teenager Chloe Marshall (a statuesque 5-feet-10-inches tall and 176 pounds) as Miss Surrey, proving that beauty does come in all shapes and sizes.

Curvy Chloe Marshall will be the first plus-size model in British history to compete in the Miss England final on July 18. And the outspoken 16-year-old beautician trainee is in it to win it.

"I know I will stand out from them but in a good way," she tells ABC News. "I want to bring plus sizes back and I want to show teenagers that you can be beautiful whatever size you are."

Chloe's success is unheard of. The biggest model the pageant final has seen so far was a size L, nothing compared to Chloe's Extra Large 176 pounds...

"I think this is happening now because people are sick and tired of skinny models," says Walters. "Women aren't that size. So bigger, plus-size girls are coming into the spotlight."...

"We don't deal with catwalk models, and we always encourage them to eat correctly and not to lose weight," Angie Beasley, Miss England Pageant Director, tells ABC News...

If she wins, Chloe wants to pursue a career as a plus-size model.

But before that can happen, she needs to convince England that out of the 50 Misses to compete for the national title this summer, she is...the most beautiful.
A couple of points above. It's a bit absurd to hear the pageant director telling its contestants "not to lose weight." Up to now, pageant contestants have been so emaciated that they had no weight to lose, short of amputating a limb.

But what I like about Miss Marshall's statement is that she affirms that she WILL "stand out from [the other contestants] but in a good way." The whole blight of faux-plus models exists because some people have the misguided notion that plus-size models shouldn't be distinctive, that they should be, (or be made to appear, via diminishing photography,) "as close to minus-size models as possible." Nonsense. The whole point of a plus-size model is to LOOK plus -- and beautiful.

I wish more plus-size retailers would understand this.

1st April 2008, 08:54
From The Daily Mail:

Size 16 Miss England hopeful Chloe unveils a curvy look in first official bikini shoot

Chloe Marshall is the teenage beauty queen who broke the mould by becoming the first size 16 beauty queen contender to make it to the finals of the Miss England contest.

And now she reveals her shapely body in the official Miss England bikini not forgetting her tiara of course in her first bikini photoshoot since winning the Miss Surrey title.

Posing confidently poolside in the brief white gem-embossed Miss England bikini which she'll wear in the pageant in July, Chloe appears completely lacking in self-consciousness.

Image from:

7th April 2008, 04:09
Heres another lovely bikini image of Ms. Marshall, from an U.S. newspaper. Clever photo - she looks MUCH more attractive in her bikini than any of the stick-thin mannequins behind her.


Wonderful to see this, but it is also disappointing that it took the pageant industry to finally show the general public a visibly full-figured girl in a bikini.

Why didnt the plussize fashion industry do something like this? Instead, it either kept choosing faux-plus "toned" models who looked so thin they werent visibly plus, or it showcased swimwear that covered up almost everything. It was cowardice, plain and simple.

Bravo to Ms. Marshall for being so brave, and leading the way. Now that she has opened the door, I hope plussize retailers will follow suit.

M. Lopez
19th July 2008, 19:09
She won't be allowed to win, but even getting to the finals is a step in the right direction.
The pageant took place just the other day, and while Chloe indeed didn't win, she was the first runner-up (placing second), which is still an amazing accomplishment, considering that even her presence in the pageant was a major breakthrough, and that the media waged a relentless attack campaign against her.

In fact, the headlines for the stories about the pageant aren't about the winner, but about Chloe's photo finish; like this one: "Size 16 girl scoops second place in Miss England competition for the FIRST time"


It comes with a lovely photo of Chloe - my favourite to date, as a matter of fact. She really does have a wonderful figure, and particularly gorgeous legs.


BRAVO to Chloe for coming so close, beating the odds, and overcoming the forces that were allied against her.

19th July 2008, 22:07
First runner-up! Bravo, indeed!

20th July 2008, 09:50
It comes with a lovely photo of Chloe - my favourite to date, as a matter of fact. She really does have a wonderful figure, and particularly gorgeous legs.
I agree. I think this is the first time I realized just how pretty Chloe really is. The hairstyle (the loveliest she's ever worn) helps, and she does have stunning legs, which look softly shapely rather than "toned."

I think the Miss England pageant chickened out, frankly, for giving Chloe the runner-up position. She definitely deserved to win, as she was by FAR the most beautiful contestant- even in terms of face, let alone figure (in which case she put the rest completely to shame).

Here's a picture of Chloe in her evening gown:


And I found an interesting little Chloe gallery:


I was especially struck by these beautiful pictures, in which she looks so youthful:

http://galleries.thelondonpaper.com/chloe_marshall/images/chloe_marshall(02).jpg http://galleries.thelondonpaper.com/chloe_marshall/images/chloe_marshall(01).jpg

If you didn't know it was Chloe, the photo on the right could be that of any cute young curvy vixen in America today- members of the "Torrid generation." And that picture reminds me how right it was for Chloe to enter this pageant. She did it for a whole generation of girls like her, who badly need more representatives: not "ugly Betty" types, but voluptuous beauty queens.

She showed real courage and fortitude in not buckling under the attack campaign that the thin-supermacist media waged against her. She retained poise and diginity throughout the experience- like genuine royalty.

I also love the rustic pictures in the gallery- with this one showing off Chloe's great legs.


Not to wish anyone ill, but I hope that the reigning Miss England will not be able to "fulfill her obligations," for whatever reason- which would automatically give Chloe the crown, and enable her to complete at the Miss World pageant.


21st July 2008, 14:55
She has the most beautiful legs I have ever seen! She is lovely.

21st July 2008, 21:32
Fans will be delighted to know that Chloe now has an official Web site:



It has a number of beautiful pictures of Chloe, including several showing her in her famous Miss England bikini. It also has a comprehensive collection of press links, and notes that Chloe recently earned a movie role. The tone is wholly positive, as indicated by this quote on the site's "about" page:

I want to show [curvier women] that they don't have to starve themselves to be beautiful, because they are beautiful no matter what size they are.
Hear, hear!

22nd July 2008, 09:41
I love her logo, with the coronet over the "a".