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M. Lopez
11th September 2005, 04:29
I know there was a post about this earlier, but I think this deserves a new thread. Reitmans has just entirely revamped its fall Encore 14+ campaign, and has released a series of new image of Barbara Brickner that simply took my breath away. Her hair looks a little longer now, very flowy and goddesslike, and the shoot looks like it was a pure delight.

This is my favorite of the newest images-


I adore every single image I see of Barbara, because somehow- I don't know how- but she actually manages to transmit her ease and self-assurance across a computer screen. I sincerely feel more at ease about myself just by looking at her work (and I always get great fashion ideas).

The Encore landing page states that this collection "offers sensational styles created to enhance the curves of the plus size woman and keep her looking her absolute best."


I think the fact that they consistently photograph Barbara "looking her absolute best" proves the truth of that statement- and then some.

11th September 2005, 13:18
I agree - the new images are some of their best ever. I like the one that was posted, and I also adore this one -


I love the alluring expression - smiling, but with a little mischief in the eyes. And not only does she look curvy, but her face has never appeared more beautiful.

What I find just as exciting is that Barbara is now on the main cover page of the Reitmans site. If you click on Reitmans.com -


you will see that her image is there, in rotation with two others. But hers always comes up first! Its another great shot, and I think the company may have realized that she is their more appealing model - to all of their customers.

11th September 2005, 19:57
<br>2005 is shaping up to be the year of Barbara Brickner, and this latest series has earned considerable acclaim from the model's fans--of both genders. The male readers of our site have always exhibited a particular fascination with the voting tally on the survey page, and one of those readers cast a ballot for Barbara today, accompanied by the following comment:<p><blockquote><i>After the latest Reitmans ads, it will take a lot to unseat Mrs. Brickner. Her beauty is only increasing.</i></blockquote><p>Truer words were never spoken. If there was ever a time to put Barbara on the cover of the Reitmans home page, this is it.

And the image in the Encore section showing Barbara being interviewed reminded us of the discussion that we had with the model, a few seasons ago. One particular comment from that <a href="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bbrickner.htm" target="_blank">interview</a> seems especially timely, in light of the current debate surrounding the counter-productive effects of today's so-called "reality" campaigns--campaigns that could set the cause back by years. In this statement, Mrs. Brickner was speaking of Elena Miro, but the comment also applies to the latest Reitmans series:<p><blockquote><i>"I think this client understands that, yes, we need to show the woman as curvaceous, etc., but they do it in such a beautiful manner that it's respectful of the plus-size figure, and of the body."</i></blockquote><p>This site originated from an idea that was generated by a single Reitmans promotion, and the company still contributes as much to size celebration as any other retailer in the world.<p><center><img src="http://www.judgmentofparis.com/bb/br13.jpg"></center><p>Barbara in the print flyer from the current campaign.

13th September 2005, 14:19
I think one of the reasons why Barbara's work is so captivating these days, besides the fact that she is so stunningly, unapologetically curvy, is that she is experimenting with more romantic hairstyles. The thick, loose tresses in the new Reitmans images really suit her, and if I can post a Nordstrom image in this thread, so does this style. It's definitely a shift to go for opulent glamour rather than a casual look- and it only enhances Barbara's beauty that much more.