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5th May 2008, 01:26
VH1 recently aired a rather odd "reality" show called Scott Baio is 45 and Single. You never know how "real" these programs are, but the premise is just what the title implies - it follows 1980s TV star Scott Baio ("Chachi") around as he takes stock of his life and wonders why, at 45, he's still unmarried.

The program presents him as an incredibly shallow and superficial individual, but it could easily just be edited that way to give the show a "moral" message - to men: don't wind up this way; and to women: watch out for guys like this.

At any rate, the episodes show Baio running into past girlfriends and either apologizing for his past behaviour (which was really rotten, if the dialogue is true), or coming clean, in one form or another.

All of this is a too-long windup to the point of this post: one of the ladies he meets (with the intention of breaking off a long-standing casual relationship) is named Connie Woods. And she's really quite beautiful - a rare example of a full-figured, attractive woman on TV. She's a bit older than most plus-size models, but still has that soft, well-fed beauty. Here's her clip, from the TV show:

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For the fashion followers, note the gorgeous dress, nice accessories, beautiful hair - great styling all around. Lovely woman.