View Full Version : Kelsey: Summer at Torrid

M. Lopez
17th May 2008, 04:13
Whitney's win is so overwhelming that it's easy to forget about the rest of the industry! But everyone's beloved Kelsey Olson has some lovely new pictures at Torrid that demand attention.

Here she is in a hot pink top:


I like her better with the fairer skin that she usually has, but she looks stunning as always, and the hairstyle is gorgeous. And be sure to click on the "enlarge" button, because Torrid is now adding reverse-view pictures to many of its products, which is terrific. This pink top has a ribbon-tie at the back that's adorable.

Here's a similar style in sky blue:


This orange top is a sensual, sexy design. It's a pity that a back-view image wasn't included too, though, since that's the most important view of halter designs.


All of these look very comfortable on the figure. You can go up a size, or get a little fuller around the middle, and it won't be a problem. Although they're tops, they have some of the drape of a classical dress.

Oh, and here's a more causal black top, for good measure:


21st May 2008, 16:51
I think I like the orange top best for cut, but I LOVE the color of the pink top.

Here are a few more new Kelsey pictures I found. First, a sky-blue sweater. Blue is such a great color on Kelsey because it brings out her eyes.


A black sweater. I'm not a big fan of wearing black, but it really sets off Kelsey's golden hair.


And a couple of new tops promoting the upcoming movie, one in white (great expression from Kelsey here):


another in black:


25th May 2008, 02:50
I agree that Kelsey looks best when she allows her complexion to return to its naturally fair shade, but still, she looks gorgeous in these pictures.

Another new shot that I like is this one, in which she models a pink version of the blue sweater posted above:


Pink always looks great on fair-haired girls, and I like the neckline of the sweater, which adds a touch of decolletage, making the top a bit livelier than it would be otherwise.

Oh, and here's another new black top:


Notice how adding even a simple necklace makes the look more interesting, breaking up what would otherwise be a slab of black fabric.

Amazing hairstyles on Kelsey in these pictures. Torrid always styles her hair in such beautiful ways.