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21st May 2008, 17:49
Not a day goes by that doesn't bring another exciting bit of Whitney news! She's in the current issue of People magazine. Elite New York even has a scan of the page on their site:


I LOVE the first paragraph:

Whitney Thompson is tucking into cheesecake and fruit salad with sorbet after lunch. She didn’t order both — one was sent with “Congratulations,” written in chocolate, when a waitress recognized her as the winner of America’s Next Top Model. “This,” she says, licking the spoon, “is so good.”

Revenge, as they say, is sweet. Called “f**” by mean girls in Atlantic Beach, Fla., Thompson, 20, says that despite the teasing, she never obsessed over diet. “You don’t have to starve to be beautiful. I made that decision in seventh grade, when my friends were [dieting].”...In nine seasons no “juicy” model, to use the show’s terminology, had cracked the top three.
Bravo, bravo to the People magazine writer for including that first paragraph. Could anything be more exciting that hearing of a plus-size model happily enjoying two desserts in public- and even saying how much she loves indulging?

*Sigh* She's amazing. She brings out size-celebration in anyone who writes about her. Gorgeous picture too.


24th May 2008, 00:38
I like that pic of Whitney, sitting on the table. I didn't realize she has such nice legs.

Starrymag has a long podcast of their interview with Whitney posted here (http://starrymag.com/podcast.asp?ID=3473&CATEGORY=Podcast&PAGE=1).

M. Lopez
28th May 2008, 18:04
Thank you so much for the audio link, Madeline. It was wonderful to listen to a Whitney interview instead of just reading it. She has such a youthful, energetic voice. I enjoy listening to her.

The most fascinating new revelation was that she was the president of her school's Latin Club! She shouldn't feel embarrassed by this - what a wonderful aspect of her personality. No wonder she responded so enthusiastically to the Classical art of Rome. I wonder if her awareness of ancient statuary, and the fact that the Classical ideal of beauty was full-figured, helped her to embrace an alternative, timeless ideal of womanly beauty, instead of modern emaciation.

- - - -

The size-positive tone of the People write-up is also present in a new Whitney article I found, in a paper from her home town:


Just listen to the opening paragraphs:

Whitney Thompson isn’t your typical model.

The curvaceous beauty who recently took the title of America’s Next Top Model was scouted for the show at an airport. Buying chocolate.

“My mom always said people on the Titanic wish they had their dessert,” said Thompson, who invariably has a candy bar with her before flying.

That seems to be her general approach to life, even though the Atlantic Beach native has been propelled into stardom practically overnight.How amazing! The article mentions an autograph signing that she did in her community, and I'm just so thrilled to think of the young girls who look up to her realizing that they don't need to starve to be successful and beautiful, as she is. While most models prompt young girls to be anorexic, or to smoke, or to do drugs, Whitney is instead providing a refreshingly positive example of living a fun, healthy, happy life, without depriving oneself.


And success is coming her way. Her New York lifestyle sounds fascinating:

“I’m uber-busy,” she said, adding that her life has been a “whirlwind” since winning cycle 10 of ANTM earlier this month.

Thompson had a flight the following day to Indianapolis and then it was back to her New York City “model” apartment. (Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio lives above her.)...

Although Thompson’s modeling work hasn’t started yet, she’s had plenty to keep her occupied.

“I’ve done over 30 interviews in New York,” she said. “[I’m] running around in stilettos from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.”...

Thompson has also booked several “big money deals,” but could not disclose who the campaigns are for.

And she means “big money.” Thompson will be making approximately $25,000 a day on some of the campaigns, she said.

She will also likely be a guest on the Tyra Banks Show and her publicists are trying to line her up for the chance to walk the red carpet at the premier of Sex and the City: The Movie.

But, money and celebrity have not gone to the 20-year-old’s head.

She’s still excited to fly first class - chocolate bar in tow.
I do hope that some of those campaigns put her even more in the public eye. I'm just hoping, praying, that she doesn't lose a pound, not an inch, to do them. If she succeeds without diminishing herself, it really could bring change to the fashion industry.

28th May 2008, 19:22
That's a wonderful article, and I love the illustration. There is something intensely agreeable about the idea of young girls looking up to a plus-size model instead of an androgynous waif. Whereas idolizing anorexics would make these girls feel bad about themselves, admiring Whitney will aid their self-esteem and foster positive body-image.

The article comes with a link to a nice photo gallery of Whitney. Unfortunately, it includes some pictures from her straight-size modelling days, but the photos of her as a full-figured model are truly lovely.

I especially like this one, showing Whitney in the vintage oufit that we all saw in a previous photo. Her expression is amazing -- it's like she's in ecstasy. The hairstyle is enchanting -- especially the flower buds in her hair -- and the way in which the light is bathing her is magical. No skeletal model could ever make this look of passion so convincing.


Here's a beautiful picture of Whitney in a casual Southern setting. Very pretty dress -- and the longer hair enhances her beauty so much.


The gallery also features a larger version of everyone's favourite photo -- the oh-so-pretty image of Whitney looking kittenish, accompanied by a very feline accessory. This is the epitome of soft sensuality.


And a larger version of the photo showing Whitney providing the young girls in her community with that rarest of things in the modern world -- a truly positive role model.


She always looks lovely in profile.

6th June 2008, 15:31
Whitney's billboard at Times Square

(I didn't take these. Someone got there ahead of me.)

M. Lopez
7th June 2008, 02:27
It's so exciting to see a plus-size model get a billboard in Times Square! It's been ages since that happened. Natalie Laughlin had one about a decade ago, and then Mia Tyler appeared in one for Just My Size.

And now, finally, plus-size beauty is back in the heart of New York! And that really is such a gorgeous picture of Whitney. I love how her image is "on top" (that's an ANTM pun), above all of the rest of the ads. She easily outshines the underweight Kylie Monogue in beauty.

Thank you, Madeline, for finding these.