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M. Lopez
23rd May 2008, 00:22
The latest issue of Figure isn't quite as exciting as the previous one (no Kelsey editorial, unfortunately), but it does include a lovely spread featuring Yanderis.

It's worth complimenting Figure for this editorial because the magazine hasn't done terribly well with its intimates editorials in the past (too often shooting the models in dull studio settings), but this one is very pretty. The conceit is that the model are hanging up laundry. It's a very pretty theme, and makes for some soft, gentle images.

This is my favourite. It actually looks even lovelier on the Figure site than in the print magazine, where it's split between two pages.


What an appealing picture. Note the beautiful, size-positive detail of showing the soft curve along the model's side.

It's a pretty brassiere too. The floral embroidery is very feminine, and it looks innocent - much more attractive than the rather garish lingerie that's often targeted towards full-figured women. Charming Shoppes has always done lingerie well.

This is a nice image too, although I wish Yanderis were in focus.


Again, you can see a trace of her soft figure.

She is also in the distance in this picture:


As I said, a very imaginative and attractive intimates pictorial, a nice way to present unmentionables without being overly risque. I wish there were more images of Yanderis, but all in all, a better-than-average showing from Figure.

23rd May 2008, 09:57
She's pretty.