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5th June 2008, 03:48
Melissa is another model who, like Valerie, has unfortunately appeared in an anti-plus campaign. That makes it very hard to support her work. It's such a shame too, because she was a favorite here for many seasons.

Still, she appears in the new Fashion Bug campaign, and you've got to give the company credit for producing a beautiful image. Melissa looks truly full-figured and gorgeous here (notice how full her arm is). The hairstyle is voluptuous, the pose is sensual, and the pillows (and the fact that the model is recumbent) contribute to an overall feeling of softness.


I just wish Melissa hadn't betrayed the cause by working for a client that's marketing a product which is dangerous to women's health (and is the most curve-hating product imaginable). Still, I guess Fashion Bug can't be held responsible for that, so the company deserves a nod for this great image.


9th June 2008, 04:50
Melissa also showed up in a very size-positive Fashion Bug ad that just appeared in my Inbox:


Great hairstyle and wardrobe - what a beautiful top for a curvy goddess, showing off bare shoulders and arms. The ruching of the top around the bust makes it feminine and sensual.

But what I especially like about the picture is that it shows that Melissa has full, shapely legs. For once, a plussize model whose legs actually look like those of a well-fed goddess. She completely outshines the misses-size model beside her, who looks bony and emaciated by contrast. Great picture.


12th June 2008, 02:09
This campaign with Melissa is getting better and better. Fashion Bug really took advantage of her full figure, and made an effort to show it off beautifully. Also, the apparel frames her curves very effectively.

I signed up for their e-mail updates, and received this ad today:


The picture shows visible softness in her figure, with a suggestion of a full waist, and shapely arms. Melissa has been modelling for a while, but this campaign shows yet again how being plus-size is an almost magical preserver of youth, allowing well-fed goddesses to remain attractive long after their underweight contemporaries have become haggard (due to emaciation).

Hopefully, no true plus-size models will ever again appear in ads for anti-plus clients, especially since they are able to get wonderful campaigns like this.


M. Lopez
23rd June 2008, 00:07
Here's another great Melissa image in this series. It's similar to the one above, but even more sensual:


You can definitely see the model's full waist and round limbs, but what also makes this a stunning image is how comfortable Melissa looks with herself. She appears pleased to be soft and full-figured, and her looks says, "You know you want this." The pose is one of relaxed indolence, and having the model play with her hair is another enticing touch.

Great photography - and how refreshing to see a model who has a visibly soft figure.

26th June 2008, 01:31
Here's the latest Fashion Bug ad:


That really IS a great hairstyle on Melissa. Her face isn't the fullest, so the beautiful hairstyle gives her face shape, and better proportions for her whole figure. And her figure IS wonderfully curvy, even though in this picture, the only trace of it is her full arm.

Again, the straight-size model beside her looks totally outclassed.

Ad link:


11th July 2008, 02:38
No one else has posted it, so I get the honour of sharing Melissa's latest Fashion Bug flyer pic:


This is probably the best in the entire series. It clearly shows her soft, full waist and round arms. Plus, she has a great come-hither look in her eyes. You can sense the sensual heaviness of her figure.

Fashion Bug hit the ball out of the park with this series. Pity that there are so few models in the industry like Melissa - who are genuinely full-figured and look it. It's also a pity that the few who are are rarely photographed in a way that shows off their curves. At least this Fashion Bug photographer got it right - very right.

Of course, the sleeveless, form-fitting top helps too.